About Me

By Jesus Castaneda

About My Family

My moms name is Claudia and she is 33 years old.My dads name is Jesus and he is 32 years old.I just have one younger brother,his name is Eduardo and he is 6 years old

My interests

Outside of school i like to play soccer.I also like to play Fifa 15.Everyday I listen to music.On Mondays and Thursdays I watch WWE.I like to watch movies and visit Mexico.My favorite color is blue.

Favorite school subject

My favorite subject in school is science because there is no wrong answer.Also because I get to do a lot of cool expirements

My goals for this year

My goals for this year in school is to pass more than half of the test and quizzes with and 80 or above.The other one is to raise enough money to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Future Goals

My first goal is to graduate from high school.One of my other future goals is to go to collage.The other one is to get my licence the next day I turn 18.
Raul Jimenez's Game-Winning Bicycle Kick Goal #SCtop10