Ulysses S. Grant

The Great War Hero

His Awesome Childhood!

Ulysses S. Grant was born on April 27,1822 in Point Pleasant,Ohio.His real name was Hiram Ulysses Grant or H.U.G. Then his family move to Georgetown,Ohio.Later when he was 17 he went to West Point a good Military school.After he was stationed at St. Louis Missouri,he met his roommate sister.On August 22,1898 he was married.He died at 63 by having lung cancer from smoking over the years.

His Contributions

He was the 2nd Lieutenant General after George Washington.Before that he wrote to Lee to Surrender and it was name after his initials!Then people wanted him to run for president and he was the 18th president of the United States of America.He got a 2nd term.Then after traveling around the world ,he met Mark Twain.He was dying when Mark Twain agree to make a book of Ulysses S. Grant life .And he finished it on June 27,1885!His book earned the Grants $500,000 and it was a success!

Character Traits

When he was young he was super aitve,he love riding horses.So by 5 year old he knew how to ride a horse by standing up!He was the fastest rider than all the boys in town.Later he was a great leader of the Northern Army.He send to Lee to surrender and that how the North won,he call the surrender his own initials!And he lead 1,000 men into battle.He was intelligent because he won for the North because he knew how to fight by doing it.He was good at math too.

Ulysses was AWESOME!

Nice guy of winning the the Cvil War.Ah!

Questions for Ulysses S. Grant Check in the books.

He was like a superhero like Captian America


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