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News You Can Use - Nov. Edition

Coaches Corner: Resources for You


Walkthrough time is here! Remember all walkthrough links can be found at http://tinyurl.com/mgsdwalkthroughs for easy access.

If you are making the schedule for your school, you may find this template helpful. It shows how you can group teachers for every two week or every three week rotations.

Data Tools for Coaches

As coaches, keeping track of your coaching efforts will help ensure you are making progress toward your own goals and help you feel effective. Here are several great ways to document or keep track of your own coaching data.

20 Tips for New Instructional Coaches

As we transition from ITFs to ICs, some of our job functions will change slightly to focus more on instruction and less on technology tools. This is a great article from Elena Aguilar that though geared to new coaches, has some great advice for us as well. Our PD Days this year will focus on providing you the support you need to feel comfortable in the Instructional Coaching role.

The Main Idea

I recently subscribed to The Main Idea. Each month the author emails a recap of an educational book. The summaries are like a Cliff's Note version of the book. I like this resource because I don't have time to ready every book I want to and this gives me the highlights. It's also interesting to read summaries for books I may not be interested enough to buy. If you decide you want to subscribe, it's $39/year. Here's a summary of the books that are offered (when you subscribe you get access to all previous summaries). Here are a few of the summaries of books you may be interested in looking at that I already downloaded:

Instructional Coaching Pinterest Board

Love this board - I repinned tons of ideas from here!

Motivational Moments

It's Not About The Nail

Celebrations & Shout Outs

Cool Ideas: Resources for Your Teachers

Google Sites Cheat Sheet

We have lots of Google Sites tutorials on our MGSD Help Desk site, but I came across this and really liked the layout of it. This might be helpful for some of our younger students, or teachers who get overwhelmed easily.

Let's Recap

This is a new tool I recently learned about that lets students record video responses to questions that show their thinking. Teachers create and assign questions to a student, a group of students or the entire class to be answered during or after a lesson. Recap lets you get an overview of how each class is doing as a group (it will randomly pick a highlight reel of responses for your to quick check), or dig into individual responses. You can share individual responses with other students, parents and educators, or show a daily review reel in class. Here's Jen Craft from MHS explaining what she likes about it!
November 15, 2016

Google Classroom Time Savers


Flippity works with Google Spreadsheets to make different interactive tools. I use the Random Name Generator to quickly make teams for professional development. Teachers may also enjoy the Quiz Show and Flashcards tools.

M-Powerment Focus for December

Data-Driven Instruction

December's focus is M-4. Check out the indicators, articles, and resources available on the MGSD PD Website. The shortcut is http://tinyurl.com/mgsdpd-m4

M-4 Articles & Columns

Don't Just Collect Data - Use It

Video Column from Ed Leadership

Data-Driven Instruction: Leading Analysis Meetings

ITF Meeting for November

Next ITF Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 16th, 3:30pm

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Please see the agenda and come prepared to talk about our coaching scenario!

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