The Selection



The Selection is a book about a girl named America who get's slected to go to Ilea and compete to marry the prince. But the only thing stopping her is her lover back home in Carolina, Aspyn. America has to make decisions if she wants to stay or leave the castle ,it's a hard decision because she has to chose between prince Maxon or Aspyn. Also

About America

America is is a 5 in the cast system

Towards the end when America gets selected she moves to a 3. America has to leave behind her lover Aspyn. America has 3 siblings. America is a musician, so she has many musical talents. Aspyn told Ameica that she should go into the selection, even though she didn't want to.

About Aspyn

Aspyn is a 6, so he is a cast below America. Aspyn is the one who tells America to go to the selection. Throught everything he still loves America and he has to make a decision to let her go or get her back. But the only thing stopping him is weather she loves Maxon or not.

About Maxon

Maxon is the prince of Illea and he has to chose one girl to marry. As he starts to get close to America he is still deciding his feelings. Everyone wants to marry him,

Plot Chart

Exposition- America gets a letter from the selection

Inciting Event- All the girls from Carolina turn in there applications

Rising Action- Aspen and America have a thing and there parents don't know, all the girls from the castle are getting ready to meet Prince Maxon

Climax- America is one of the 27 girls left and the only reason Prince Maxon kept her is because they are just friends.

Falling Action-America and Prince Maxon kiss and might have feelings for each other.

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Conflict Statement

America s chosen but she, has to chose weather she wants to go or not, and she has to pick between Maxon or Aspen, but they are two different people and they both love America.


The setting is America's house, the tree house, town square, and the castle.

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Book Recommendation's

- For Girls 10+

-People That enjoy Romance/Fantasy

- People That Like Dystopian

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