By: Ms. Johnson's Class

History and Geography

By: Kevin, Jan, Oliver, Qaaihr, and Giovini


  • Yemen was founded: May 22, 1990.
  • Country's Flag Colors: Red, White, and Black


  • Yemen's Capital is: Sana'a
  • The Continent of Yemen is Asia.
  • The Longitude and Latitude is 15 degrees N and 48 degrees E.
  • A surround country is Egypt and Africa.

People and Society

By: Tamiah Garcia, Jocelyn Rodgriguez, and Jayden Jefferson

People and Society

  • The language spoken in Yemen is Arabic
  • Last Election was held February 12th, 2012.
  • Clothing Worn: Men wear clothing called Thawbs, which is technically a dress for men, one of the parts of it goes around your head. Women wear scarves and masks so they can cover up their face when it is cold.
  • Yemen's government is a Presidential Republic.

Economy and Transportation

By: Asya, Deshawn, Charlie, Sabrina, and Thomasa


  • Yemen's money is called the Rial.
  • Yemen's GDP is 35.9 billion.


  • The types of Cars Driven are: Range Rover, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, and Hyunda.
  • Yemen has 13 Airports

Military, Climate, and Terrain

By: Lili, Austin, Elliott, Skylar,


  • Yemen has an Army and a Navy.
  • Yemen has an army numbering several thousand in the Persian Gulf.

Climate and Terrain

  • Terrain: Yemen has a narrow coastal plain backed by topped hills and rugged mountains. Additionally, Yemen contains desert plains in the interior.
  • Natural Hazards include: Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, and Floods.

Education and Language

By: Jayden G, Kaelin M, Gabe M, and Natalia G

Language: Arabic


Only 40% of teachers in Yemen have a degree

.Only 62% of students who complete 5th grade were able to read a simple sentence

.Over 1 million kids in Yemen are out of school

.Children are not learning because teachers are absent from school

.Free education for kids 6-15

•Attendance is not enforced

•Girls represent 63% the total out-of-school population

•About 30% of students do not have desk to sit at in school

Celebrations and Food

By:Jacob, Aiden, Latecia, Ellis, Trenton, and Leticia


  • Three Special Celebrations are: New Year's, Mouloud, and Revolution Day.

Famous Yemen Food