What's Happening??!!

~ Hawley School Newsletter: April 19, 2020 ~

From the Desk of Mr. Moretti.....

Dear Hawley Parents/Guardians, Teachers, and Staff,

I hope that all of you and your families remain healthy, safe, and well. Spring Recess, albeit strange, came at a good time. Obviously not to go anywhere, but to catch our collective breaths. I am sure that the opportunity to simply unplug was needed and helpfu.

THANK YOU to all of you for your dedication, caring, cooperation, patience and support. What we are doing right now is a testament to the core of what defines the Hawley School Community.

We are now officially out of school to at least May 20, and after that remains an unknown. As I mentioned in my last newsletter (and will repeat below), we will be experimenting with new resources and instructional practices. My talking points remain the same: do your best, expect glitches, nothing is urgent or time-sensitive, ask for help when needed, and be patient. This applies to all (students, parents, teachers, staff and ...... principals ;0)

As we continue to move through this unprecedented situation, everyone will be faced with their own "reality." If your situation changes or problems arise, please reach out to me with any question or need that you have. It is not a bother!

Buckle up, keep your hands and feet in the car at all times, and stay seated as you read on to find out What's Happening at Hawley .......

Virtual Spirit Week

We are going to try something a little different and hope for a FUN outcome. We are excited to have a VIRTUAL SPIRIT WEEK!

Monday: Hawley Wear Day

Tuesday: Whatcha Readin' Day

Wednesday: Wellness Wednesday
Thursday: Super Hero Day

Friday: Friday Fun Day

Click Here and show your child a video from Mrs. Connors with more details and instructions, and click here for a flyer to post on the fridge.

There will be a few ways to share pictures. You can send them to your teacher via Google Classroom or Seesaw to be seen by the class. If you tweet, you can post pictures to TWITTER using the hashtag #HAWLEYVIRTUALSPIRITWEEK. And I will have teachers send some creative pictures to me to include in a future newsletter.

We will assume that any picture that is sent to us,

is done so with permission to use or share in the manner outlined above.

~ Story Time With Mr. Moretti ~

They're Baaaaack!!!!!

During this new normal, what I miss the most is seeing the kids. I want to stay connected. I have a book series that I used to read to my boys when they were little. There are 45 stories in the series. I will read them, record them, and send you the links.

Feel free to play one each day (you can binge but I reference days of the week ;0). Again, this helps me connect to the kids, they get to see me (AND you get an 8 minute or so break ;0) Continue to send messages or pictures of the kids enjoying the stories, they brighten my day!

Monday: Story 16


Tuesday: Story 17


Wednesday: Story 18


Thursday: Story 19


Friday: Story 20


Student Work

Sunday evening/Monday morning, teachers will continue to send out assignments for the week (some may be daily depending on the grade). If your child receives special education services or intervention support, those providers will also reach out. All staff is to coordinate workload as to not overwhelm.

Google Classroom & the Seesaw App are going to be the 2 platforms used to deliver lessons and, most importantly, for students to RETURN WORK. K-1 will be using the Seesaw App with Grades 2-4 utilizing Google Classroom.

Special Area Teachers (Art, Library, Music, PE, Spanish), our Counselor, and Special Education Providers (Resource Teachers, Speech & Language, Psychologist, Occupational and Physical Therapies) are also going to begin using these platforms as well. Although it sounds overwhelming, it is actually more organized with fewer emails ;0)

For example : a student in K-1 will receive all their information from all instructors through the Seesaw App along with teacher outlines and directions. A student in grades 2-4 will go to their Google Classroom and see all their classrooms there: 1 for the class, 1 for art, 1 for PE, 1 for special education (if they receive services), etc. Each staff member is divided up and separated on the platform.


It is vital that students/parents have set up and have become familiar with Google Classroom and/or the Seesaw App. Students will develop a degree of independence but will require adult assistance and monitoring. It is imperative that the student and parent remain in contact with the teacher and visa versa. My job is to follow up wherever communication breaks down.

To help, we have tutorials for Google Classroom and Seesaw on our Website in the new Digital Resources Link:

( https://sites.google.com/newtown.k12.ct.us/npsdigitalresources/home )

Video Messages, Recorded Instruction/Modeling, Virtual Meetings, Small Group and/or Support Instructional Sessions will be starting. Teachers are also going to begin collecting certain assignments each week that will be used for grading purposes. We will guide and assist in every way that we can, but I repeat, certain work assignments are going to be collected and needed to be turned in through these platforms. If work is not received, the teacher will reach out to see what assistance is needed, followed by me or Mrs. Connors.

~ Questions / Suggestions ~

this information continues to be updated, worthy of a re-look

This unprecedented situation has changed everything about how we conduct business. With this Twilight Zone adjustment comes a million questions a day. In our fast-paced society, we all want answers immediately. This is going to be the hardest adjustment. None of us are going to be able to be on and available 24-7.

Teachers have created systems to answer questions and to provide academic support. It is going to be systematic and organized. It will require cooperation and understanding. There will be questions that need an immediate response while certainly there are questions that can wait. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

If you have any difficulty reaching a staff member, or are not hearing back from a staff member, I ask that you reach out to me or Mrs. Connors. Teachers are to do the same if you are not hearing from parents and/or students.


  • Set up work areas and schedules (build in breaks)
  • Remember nothing about the work is urgent. No work, at our level, must be completed the day it is assigned. If you have a question or if your student is struggling with an assignment, take a break. Wait for input from the teacher or the answer and revisit.
  • Ask your question directly to the staff member responsible for your question (classroom teacher, special area teacher, intervention support, special education, related services, mental health, etc). This will significantly increase the response time.
  • Collect a few important questions and ask your teacher for a scheduled phone call to address all at one time
  • Include simple questions on the Student Work Log
  • Improvise: you can re-create an assignment if you can't print, use different materials as available, use your own strategies (that WE were taught as kids ;0)
  • Step a way, unplug and just have fun!


We will continue to work with families to provide devices as needed. If a situation arises where a device is needed, email me and your teacher. Someone will then reach out to you and set up an appointment to pick one up at Hawley.

Students in Grades K-1 will receive an ipad with students in grades 2-4 receiving chromebooks.

Class Placement, yes for Next Year ;0)

Believe it or not, very shortly we will begin the process of developing our class placements for the upcoming school year, 2020-2021. This is an extremely complex process (and even more so under resent circumstances). Grouping decisions are made by a number of factors and a number of staff members and hours of collaboration.

Although teachers and other staff have closely observed your child in the classroom/school environment, I understand that from a parent’s perspective, there may be information that you would like to share and to be considered.

With the exception of choosing a specific teacher, I invite you to email/call me with any information that you feel would be helpful in the placement of your child. If I feel that additional information is needed, I may give you a follow-up call.

Placement conversations should be directed to me and NOT your child’s current classroom teacher. Sending information is optional and has a deadline of May 8, 2020.

Important Reminders / General Info

  • If your child wants to send me an email (through your email address), I would love it ;0) and will reply.
  • There is a terrific resource on our school website, it is entitled DISTANCE LEARNING RESOURCES. It includes tutorials and links to web-based materials (books and videos). It will continuously be updated as resources become available.
  • It goes without saying that no videos or audio recordings of staff should end up on social media or shared with other people. Discussions of other students or sharing of their work is not appropriate. Let's be role-models.

  • Reach out to me with any question or need that you may have.

  • Everyone is doing a terrific job!!

  • Breathe: we are in this together.

Dates to Remember

  • Wed, May 20: Next State update regarding school closures
  • Tues, June 16: Tentative Last Day of School (?)

Funny Bones .....

When you need your son to do a chore but you also need him away from you!!

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