Forest Fires

n the first article i read it said, everyone is pretty much affected by his forest fires they make it so the air quality gets so bad that sometimes we have to stay in side. ALso in the article it said ¨just forest fires caused 75%of the bad air we breath¨ .How we can prevent forest fires? Easy it takes no time and can save a whole forest !!!! things you need to do is not smoke or play with fire,if you have a fire just put it out before you leave and thats it.Next if you think forest fires don't affect you your wrong they affect you in big ways,such as the air it can give you many illnesses and sickness plus if you inhale the smoke.With that it can lead to much more problems like killing all the trees and and every sickness and can lead to much much more things than it should. in closing try to prevent the forest fires you will be doing you and everyone else a favor.

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plan for action

positive If we change we will see better air quialy quick.

negative If we don't change and don't care we will see change in trees and much more smoke in high up in air.