Douglas 4-H Buzz

November, 2022 Edition

Extension 4-H

Enrollment 2022-2023

Minnesota 4-H previously announced 4-H members would be continuously enrolled in the program until they aged or opted out. We are adding a step to ensure we have current information for all 4-H’ers. To remain enrolled, you need to show your family’s intent to participate by logging in to 4-H Online and reviewing, updating and submitting the following information:

  • Your family's contact and demographic information, including club, school and grade.
  • Each family member's health and emergency contact information.
  • Project areas of interest for this coming year.

You can log in to 4-H Online here to complete the re-enrollment process. This guide has more information. If you have any questions about re-enrolling or any other aspect of 4-H involvement, please contact the office. Those members and volunteers enrolled by October 31st are eligible for a gift card drawing, so don't delay!

4-H Projects

4-H believes that youth learn best by doing. That's why all 4-H'ers are encouraged to participate in hands-on projects in areas like science, health, agriculture, and civic engagement. Youth can concentrate on one project area, or they can try as many as they like.

Driven by Youth Interest

Youth drive their own choices. As in the 4-H pledge, they use their:

Head to engage actively in learning.

Heart to demonstrate caring for others and their own learning.

Hands to share their experiences with others.

Health to experience success and learn to support their family, community, and world.

Project work can be overwhelming-where to begin, how to get started, what should I do are FAQ’s surrounding project work. Some project areas are easier to figure out than others. Watch this space in future newsletters for project information and ideas.

4-H Exhibits

A 4-H exhibit is something that 4-H'ers can make and show at the fair or other showcase event to demonstrate what they have learned in the project area.


Learn about the science of flight. It covers aviation and space flight. Project learning activities could include:

· Investigate parts of a rocket or airplane and their purpose

· Study how to design a rocket or an airplane,

· Learn about things that fly-gliders, helicopters, hot air balloons, blimps, etc.,

· Explore the science of flight-what role do lift, weight (gravity), thrust and drag play in getting something off the ground

· Look at what career opportunities are available

Resources for information are 4-H curriculum available in our office, your local library, or reputable websites including or

Creating an exhibit

After exploring and learning about aerospace you can create an exhibit to bring to your fair or showcase event. These might include:

· Build and launch a rocket

· Design an airplane or make a model airplane

· Experiment with paper airplane design for distance and accuracy

· Teach others about aerospace at a club meeting-fly kites, paper airplanes, straw rockets

· Giving a public presentation about what you learned

· Explore careers in the aerospace industry and create a display

· Research the history of an aspect of aerospace

Club leaders-if you are interested in putting together a club project lesson around aerospace, please contact the office. We have launchpads and lessons available.

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