Internet Safety is SO Important.

Kaitlan Meyer Hour 2

Technology In Our World Today.

The Technology in this world is increasing by the minute which means the safety of users through the internet is becoming more and more un-safe daily. People go missing, Criminals use the internet as a click bait getting young teens girls or boys and convincing them that they're the same age, have a lot in common, tricking them into really thinking that they're someone they're not. Cyber-Bullying taking lives daily, and teenagers into drugs as a form of peer pressure. What is our world coming to? This is ridiculous.


Its a problem, a huge one in fact. People (mostly teenagers) are using technology and electronic devices to bully someone and avoiding confrontation in person. This is called Cyber bullying. Using different forms of social media to embarrass, humiliate, sabotage, and spread rumors about and towards other people. As a result of this non-physical form of bullying some teenagers actually commit suicide, some turn to drugs for the answer possibly a form of peer pressure of not fitting in, the world is full of problems but cyber-bullying should't be one. Facebook is meant to socialize, speak to family you haven't seen or talked to in the longest time, and keep healthy friendships and relationships with others through out of school communication, not for bullying other teenagers and children into taking their lives, doing drugs, and meeting someone they have never met in person. 69% of social media using teens think that peers around them are nice on social media. However 88% of teens have seen someone being mean or cruel to someone through the internet and social media.

Pedophiles & Criminals on the Internet

Did you know that 15% of Americans have never checked their account privacy settings? & 72& of teens have a social networking profile and nearly half (47%) have a public profile view able by anyone. Meaning physically anyone can contact them throughout any of their social medias sites, anyone can figure out your personal information all because you/they didn't spend 10 minutes of their time reading the terms of use agreement or didn't feel like reading the 'fine print' when signing up for that social media network. Let that sink in. You're too lazy to read 10-15 minutes of rules and privacy settings account settings you're putting yourself in a lot of danger. 2,322 arrests were form internet sex crimes, against minors involved social-networking sites in 2010. It has only gotten worse since then. In half of all sex crimes against a minor involving social networking sites, the social network site was used to initiate the relationship in the first place.

Age limits of Social Media

Anyone can lie about an age to make them seem older or younger to attract attention whether it be in a sexual manner or just to be illegally allowed to have a social media account of any sort. Facebook has rules of age as do most social networking apps, Facebook's age limit is 13+, Last year 38% of Facebook users were under the age of 13. The new trend is to break the law now. There are reasons as to why Social Media is meant for certain ages, some content is meant for only certain age groups. It's a new trend now a days to get social media at a young age, get a phone before anyone else does and it seems to be a competition as to who gets a better phone, and now breaking the law at a young age. When our generation was kids, we would put glue on our hands and let it dry then peel it off, go outside and enjoy the weather even if it wasn't the best weather,maybe play in the mud, jump in rain puddles, we were children who explored, not sit in front of tv's, computers and x-boxes all day rotting our brains away. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act requires that a user must be at least 13 years old to sign up for a website that collects personal information or data. How about we spend our time wisely in a better time usage way, instead of phones and electronics in our faces all the time.