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Homewood City Schools' First Day of School is Monday, Aug 12

Pardon Our Progress: HCS Facilities Update - 2019-2020 School Year

Parents and students may notice construction trucks when they pull up to some of Homewood’s schools on Monday, August 12. This summer, four of Homewood City Schools’ facilities have been under construction to prepare for the future of the system. Below are some of the changes and upgrades you will see at the start of school

- What Happened This Summer -

Edgewood: Cafeteria expansion, kitchen renovation, new library carpet, and roof upgrades

Hall - Kent: New carpet in the media center & roof upgrades

Shades Cahaba: Cafeteria expansion, kitchen renovation, and new library carpet

Homewood Middle: Construction was completed last year with an addition of six new classrooms and a multipurpose facility

Homewood High: Cafeteria expansion, kitchen renovations, science lab renovations, library renovations, updated corridor flooring and paint

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- What Will Happen This School Year -

Edgewood: 4 classroom additions

Hall-Kent: 6 classroom additions

Homewood High School: Additional classrooms, new front office (facing Lakeshore Drive), new athletics and fine arts wings, instillation of a 60 yard turf field, and new visitor parking lot

For More Information

There will be construction during the school year at Edgewood, Hall-Kent, and Homewood High School. The construction areas have been secured with perimeter fencing and labeled with appropriate signage.

For more information about our facilities updates, please visit the HCS Facilities website.

Please pardon our progress as we continue to build the future of Homewood City Schools to provide our students and staff with the resources needed to help them reach their unique potential.

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Student Attendance

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When absences occur, a written, excusable explanation must be provided to the school for each absence within three school days from the day the student returns to school. Failure to provide this explanation will result in the student being considered unexcused for the missed days.

Parents will receive a notification should a student reach the 3rd and 5th unexcused absence in a semester. Upon the 7th unexcused absence in the semester, the student and parent will be referred to the Early Warning Program at the Jefferson County Family Court.