By: Juanzavala


Less power to the Roman churches and England became more of a protestant land. In (1483-1546) also, people ask for pardons for sins from priest by bribing called Indulgence for a way to go to heaven but were taken away. Also Separation of been settle between Roman catholic and protestant.

The Protestant Reformation - Part 1

The people who made that change!

"How did the change impact the society at the time?"

People begin separate to different churches. Almost half of the followers of the Roman church switch to the protestant churches. Also secular books will be printed for the protestant and Roman. Less power to the Roman Churches because of Martins Luther's strong persuade wise theses on the church.

Today's modern day society!

The Reformation has change the modern view on how politics should be govern. Also establish the rights for individuals conscience. Separate the Christendom into christen and protestant which meant different similar beliefs.