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New Year Enrollment Offers Expire EOD January 8

All Consultant enrollments will receive FREE business Cards PLUS New Consultant training from our top team leaders - training session begins January 10.

Join on our $995 Kit and you'll receive FREE business cards and $75.

Join on our $695 Kit and you'll receive FREE business cards and $50.

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I would like to introduce you to some of our leaders...

I think many people are confused about what happens when you join my R+F team, so allow me to break it down for you. When you start your own business with R+F you don't just get an awesome kit filled with clinically proven skincare products and then get sent on your merry way to figure it all out on your own. You get me as well as the support of some pretty incredible mentors before me. When I signed up to start this business, I was scared, nervous and totally unsure of what to expect. I did not consider myself to be a sales-woman and was not sure how people would react to me when I told them I had joined a direct sales company. After I learned these products were once a top clinical brand sold by Nordstrom, I was intrigued. Even though I didn't know what to expect, I trusted those that were introducing this business to me and I recognized the potential that came with it. It was obvious to me that success was not limited to a select few in the business. I saw this by looking closely at the paths of those mentors that came before me. Let me tell you about these remarkable women and the amazing team that I get to be a part of.

Elizabeth Guess

A former teacher who decided to stay home with her kids, started her R+F business less than 5 years ago. In this time she has earned a top title in the company, has developed countless Lexus drivers within her organization, retired her husband from his corporate career and continues to grow her life changing business. Elizabeth is passionate about serving others and giving back to her community and R+F has allowed her to do this in countless ways.

Christy Nutter

Formerly, a PR Exec for a major hospital in Dallas, Christy and her husband saw the wisdom in diversifying their income through Rodan+Fields shortly after the opportunity was presented to them. Christy was the first Consultant to earn a Lexus in Dallas, has many Lexus earners on her team and is leading many more on their way to reaching their financial dreams. Christy began her booming business just four short years ago and now has the financial freedom to stay home with her boys while working her business in very part time hours.

Olivia Jeffers

Previously in Recruiting, Olivia now stays home with her 2 little boys and loves that this business fits around any lifestyle. Once Rodan & Fields matched what she was making in her Corporate role less than a year into her business, she knew it was the real it's surpassing her and her husband's wildest imagination for what it could become.

Andrea Ifft

Andrea always saw this part time business as a vehicle for options. Now that dream is becoming a reality. With less than 3 years in business, because of the level of success she has had with Rodan & Fields, Andrea is able to transition from her Corporate HR Leadership position to pursuing her dream of starting her own Coaching practice. What an exciting year ahead - and all thanks to something that started as a very small part time "gig". Now it's replacing her income...and opening up HUGE new doors for her and her family.

Tara Dye

And then there is me ... I am so thankful for all of these women and the chance I've been given to learn from them. These are living, breathing people that I am able to interact with on a weekly basis, building my business with the goal that one day I will reach the same incredible milestones they have. In less than 2 years I have already achieved more than I could have imagined I would in this business and I am so eager to see where I'll be in another 2 years! Being an R+F consultant has given me the ability to have more time at home with my two boys, which I am so grateful for.

This is where you come in!

Make 2016 the year you fall in love with not only your skin, but your life! What is stopping you from taking the leap of faith and going after the freedom you have always wanted. Allow those of us that have blazed the trail before you help you get there! I can't promise that it will happen overnight and that it will always be easy, but the potential is there. I (and those that came before me) will promise to be here for you every step of the way to help you reach whatever dream you are chasing. If you want it, there is no limit to what you can achieve this year and in years to follow.