Resiliency of Rosa Parks

By: Zhykiea Williford

Early Life & Education

  • February 4, 1913 was the day Rosa Parks was birth, when she was little her parents separated and she stayed with her mother.
  • After they separated they moved to Pine level, Alabama to live with Rosa's mother parents.
  • When Rosa Parks turned 11 she started school at industrial school for girls, she graduated high; earn her degree at the age of 19 in 1933 and got her high school diploma in 1934.
  • She also went to college called Alabama State Teachers College for Negros ("Rosa Parks Biography").

Life After School

  • When Rosa Parks was 19 she got married
  • To Raymond Parks
  • They have married since December 18, 1932 for 84 years
  • When they are with each other they do everything together, then years later her husband died August 19, 1977. ( "Academy of Achievement").
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Raymond Parks who is Rosa Parks Husband

How Rosa Parks show Resiliency

  • How Rosa Parks show resiliency
  • Is that she wouldn't let anyone tell her what to do.
  • When Rosa Parks was getting on the bus from a long days work; she had sat in one of the open seats.
  • When one man got on the bus there were no more seats up front, and he he needed some where to sit so the bus driver told 2 people to get up including Rosa Parks.
  • The 2 people got up except for Rosa Parks, when the bus driver told her to get up she refused to get up even though she was in the correct seat.
  • The bus driver called the police, she was removed from the bus and she went to jail just because she wouldn't give up a seat that she was correctly in. ("Rosa Parks Biography").

When Rosa Parks was arrested

  • She was 42 years old
  • She got to jail they fingerprinted her
  • She only spend roughly a day in jail
  • She was fine $10 as well as a $4 court fee
  • Edgar Nixon bailed Rosa Parks from jail
  • The Montgomery bus boycott was successful. ("Rosa Parks Biography").

Later in Life

  • The day that Rosa Parks was arrested that day changed everything.
  • As she got older and life went passed she was a legend to everyone.
  • Rosa Parks had published 2 books "Quiet Strength" and "Rosa Parks: My Story".
  • When Rosa Parks passed on October 24, 2005 at the age of 92
  • She was diagnosed with Progressive dementia the previous year. ("Rosa Parks Biography")
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Rosa Parks grave stone which is located at Woodland Cemetery, in Detroit, MI