NFR Mazkir & Gizborim



Hi, My name is Zach Wieselthier and I am your regional counterpart. I want to congratulate all of you on being elected as Mazkir/Gizbor/Sopher of your respective
chapters! and i can't wait to work with every single one of you. Just so you can get to know me here are some random facts about me:

  • I was born March 5th 1997 (you should get me a birthday present)
  • I cant stand fish
  • I have a phobia of sharing drinks
  • I once won $50 on a scratch off lotto
  • My tijuana flats order consist of two hard tacos with blaken chicken, black beans, lettece, cheese, and sometimes guacamole

You Guys

Remember Your Responsibilities
  • Keep your chapter notified about events
  • Communicate with members and prospects
  • Take minutes during meetings
  • Organize or oversee chapter fundraisers
  • Send out chapter newsletter

What I want from you

  • Start/maintain a chapter newsletter
  • Use a phone tree
  • Events up on Facebook and dashboard at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Chapter fundraisers atleast every two months
  • Use the BBYO brand
  • Take Minutes


For your chapter to be successful you must have a communication network. A newsletter and a calendar is a must, and remember to have them go out far in advance for people to prepare . Then you have to work phones. Set up a phone tree, where you split up a list with members and prospects names and every one on board is to make calls to those assigned people. The calls are absolutely mandatory and the mazkir and godol should make sure they happen.

Its also very important to use social media in your program marketing. Facebook and Twitter can all be critical for getting out your message. But remember they can NOT be the ONLY for of communication. Its not enough to just post on facebook.

Forms of Communication

There are many other ways which you can communicate. Some are direct and personal which involve the person seeing or hearing you. While others are less personal and involve the person getting the information without having to make contact with another human. Either way you need communication to be able to promote programs and get new members into your chapters. In certain situations you may opt to choose a slower means of communication such as facebook to advertise a program because it could be weeks away or you could send mass text messages because you forgot to tell people to bring two dollars and the program is two hours away from starting.

Types of Communication

• Face-to-face

• Telephone

• E-mail

• Website

• Text Messages

• Flyers

• Mailings/Postcards to houses


"Our brand is a vital tool in strengthening BBYO’s reputation as a leader in the Jewish community. It represents who we are, what we stand for, and where we are going."

At first the BBYO branding can seem kind of impossible with its fancy fonts and all the hexagons. But its actually really quite simple. All you have to do is put some random hexagons in places, Put the title in the font Torque, just ask me and I will send it to you, and the rest of the body in Graphik or Ariel. I recommend you take a look at the branding guidelines found here or go to

If your still unsure of it I created a bunch of flyers for you to use. Heres the link (I included a photoshop, powerpoint and jpeg of each) If you want to change any thing or need help creating something new just message me and I will gladly work with you.


A newsletter can be a extremely useful resource for publicizing inside your chapter. Make a newsletter and send it out monthly. I recommend using microsoft publisher and choose a newsletter template.

What to include

  • Information- let them know whats going on
  • Contacts- how they can get in touch with people
  • Humor- make it funny
  • Pictures- they attracts eyes
  • Board info- let people know what the board is doing
  • Regional and International News- Keep them informed around the order
  • A catchy title

Heres some examples

*Make sure to keep your newspaper clean. There can be no profanity, sexual innuendos or anything that may be deemed inappropriate.


Fundraising is really important to having a strong chapter. Janae and I decided that we want all the chapters to have a fundraiser every two months; It can be as small as charging an extra dollar at an event to selling shirts at international convention. Heres a great list of fundraisers!