Back to the Future 2

From 1989 to 2015

Back to the Future 2

Back to the Future is a movie that is based on their opinion of what they thought the future would have looked liked. They got some of it spot on and some the opposite of what the future actually looks like. They had things like self tying shoes and hoverboards that weren't focus points but were important to the movie.

What should we be expecting

Hopefully Lexus will finish making prototypes of their hoverboard and release it soon so in the next few years we will see people riding the streets with hoverboards. We'll see the self tying shoes in a couple of months as Nike is just about to finish their version. I know everyone is hoping for flying cars but I don't see that coming within 2025 as technology is still reaching new heights and it is nowhere where it should be. I know everyone wants a 3d tv and I think they will be coming out with one by 2018 as they already have the glasses but people dont want to where glasses watching tv.

What they Will Look Like!