Effective Communication & Barriers

Charlie Hawksett

What is effective communication?

Effective communication is a two way sharing information process. It is where one person shares information in a proper way and the recover interrupts this information correctly known as active listening. There are three types of communication these are, general, interpersonal and written all of which are effective however have barriers.

General communication and barriers

General communication is the communication held verbally between two people or more. An example of general communication is having a conversation with another person and both effective communication and active listening are both present. However within all types of communication there are barriers that occur. A barrier that may be present within general communication is if the receiver of the information is deaf. A way to overcome this is to sign to the receiver however if they giver is unfamiliar with sign language another suggestion would be to write down the information or lip reading. Another barrier may be the environment around us. If a conversation is trying to be held however there is a lot of noise it will be difficult to hear the person speak.

Interpersonal communication and its barriers

Interpersonal communication is the communication between one or more parties. Both non-verbal and verbal communication play a part in this. In relation to non verbal communication there are many factors that are involved these are: body language, facial expressions, gestures, posture, eye contact, tone of voice and speed of voice. Fr instance the tone and speed at which we speak can reflect the mood you are in. If a person is speaking extremely fast in a high pitched tone this may indicate they are annoyed. In addition body language plays a huge tole on communication. The way we present ourselves to others through body language instantly tells people how we are feeling. Moreover, different cultures around the world interpret interpersonal communication in many different ways. An example of this is in Japan the 'thumbs up' hand gesture as extremely rude however in other countries its seen as a positive gesture this is a example of a barrier that occurs within interpersonal communication.

Written communication come hand in hand with barriers

Written communication has been active since 30.000 years ago in the form of symbols and numbers. There are many form of written communication such as letters, emails, smileys, text and through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. In the more recent days now letters are not used as much as they were years ago as email and text message are the main forms of communication. Within written communication there are many barriers that can occur such as a difficult understanding of language used such as slang and jargon. As well as this other barriers may be lack of internet connection which will affect emails and social media.