Dance with Nance

Introducing Finger Puppet Tapping - Classes Available!

Finger Puppet Tapping, Ages 2 to Adult

Finger Puppet Tapping is a great way to begin learning dance or play on a tap dancing "lap" board. Each student gets to personally enjoy the experience of dancing with puppets on their fingers! Once we get the groove on through thought/hand control, it then becomes easy to add the feet! All at the convenience of your location!

Or if your child (or yourself) loves to dance but is limited in movement, this fun tap board with finger puppets brings out the joy of dancing while sitting! Incredibly therapeutic for those with limited mobility! Plus, Finger Puppets with taps and Tap Boards are Available for Purchase. Perfect for home, hospital or in the car, after class!

Nancy Holden, the Creator

For more than 30 years, Nancy Holden, founder of “Dancewithnance” has brought children's dance to over 2000 students nationwide. She continues to provide engaging classes with dance, acting and singing in a safe environment, creating joy and bliss!