GT Newsletter

Mrs. Kruse- January 2016

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

-Henry Ford

1st Grade

First grade students are exploring the layers of the rainforest. Students are comparing different levels of the rainforest, and researching different animals and plants that live there. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the valuable resources that the rainforest has to offer. First grade will have this on display during Open House in March.

2nd Grade

Second grade students are finishing up their "Pursuit of Passion" project. They have received some amazing letters from professionals in the community. During open house in March you will have the opportunity to read the letter they wrote to a professional. We are excited to begin our new project called "Playground Design". This project will allow students to use their creative minds to design a playground with a theme. Each student will write a letter to a construction company trying to persuade the company to build their design. This will be on showcase at Open House.

3rd Grade

Third grade students just finished sharing their presentations on the "Planet Project" and created more obstacle courses for their Sphero. Students will begin working on a brochure advertising their "Utopian City" and using Google Sketch Up to bring it to life . This will be shared with you at open house in March. They have been working hard creating, designing and planning their cities.

4th Grade

Fourth Grade students just finished sharing their presentations on Enigmas. This created a lot great of discussion. I enjoyed hearing all the different theories that they came up with and loved watching them debate their theories back and forth.

I hope your student came home and shared details about creating their own video game. Fourth Grade is in the process of building and designing a mini golf course. You will have the opportunity to see it during Open House in March.

Donations Needed for GT

masking tape

brown felt

green felt

felt- variety of colors

sand paper


bottled glue

pipe cleaners



Camp Invention coming to Prosper ( Cockrell Elementary) this summer

June 20th-24th

Check out the Camp Invention's website! (Information) (watch a quick video)

Thanks for all your support! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.