Boy trouble By ReShonda Tate

By Megan Moore

Book Review

If you like reading books that keep you on your toes, then keep reading. It's about Boy drama, backstabbing, and exposing celebrities for who they really are. The main characters are Maya Morgan, Kennedi, and Sheridan. In the book the characters seemed so realistic and real during every situation and throughout the entire book. My favorite character is Maya Morgan because she is caring person and a great friend but she can be annoying sometimes.

I can relate to Sheridan because in her situation, sometimes when you love a guy so much you can be fazed by him and can't see him like the everyone else can. I've felt the same way Sheridan felt when Maya kept telling her something new about her boyfriend every other day.Even though, there was a lot of drama in the book, i still very much enjoyed it. By favorite part of the book is when Maya Morgan broadcast about the woman in abusive relationships, and how they should care and have more respect for themselves to be in a relationship like that. My least favorite part of the book is when Kennedi's boyfriend Javier told Maya she was ugly, and that she needs mind her business and told her that she would be lonely for the rest of her life.

I would recommend this book to all girls that are teens , that love drama. If your a type of person who loves drama and likes to read about boy trouble then i would recommend this book for you.

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