Christmas in Germany and Georgia

Important Dates:

Germany- the first Sunday of advent (Christmas season), December 6th (St. Nicholas Day), and December 25 & 26 (Christmas)

Georgia- January 7th (day of...Georgiano use the Julian calendar for their festivals), January 19th (Christmas tree traditionally burnt), and New years eve (Tovlis Papa comes down from the mountains)

Gift Bearer:

Germany- today's children celebrate Nicholastag and his companion Ruprect. Ruprect carries a basket full of edible goodies for the good children, and switches for the naughty ones.

Georgia- Presens are traditionally brought by "Tovlis Papa" which means "grandfather snow". He normally wears all white clothing including a hat and a cape/cloak called a "nabadi". On New Years eve he comes down from the mountains of the Caucasus and walks around Georgia to deliver treats and sweets to children.


Germany- plätzchen (cookies), glühwein (hot mulled wine), carp, and potato salad.

Georgia- churchkhela (a treat made of walnuts and grape juice, for Tovlis Papa)

The Night Before:

Germany- der Weihnachtsmann brings presents on December 24th. Some children might even write a letter to him. Most children tend to celebrate der Nikolas more, but that occurs on December 6th (St. Nicholas Day). Besides that Christmas eve is the day most people open/exchange gifts.

Georgia- comparable to Germany, Georgians open/exchange gifts as well.

The Day Of:

Germany- In Germany, people celebrate on the 25th and 26th. On the 26th they do the same things Americans do. On the 26th they just relax, and usually the streesame outside are quiet.

Georgia- Many people go to an 'Alilo' (a parade on the streets). Some people carry Georgian flags, while others might be dressed as characters from The Christmas Story.