SLCS District Update

April 15, 2021

Note from the Superintendent

Dear SLCS Families,

It was a great first week back after Spring Break. One final thank you to all who participated in Sunday's COVID testing at SLHS. We remain committed to providing our students with in-person learning and the willingness of so many to get tested helped to reduce the number of potentially infected individuals re-entering our school buildings Monday.

As we near the end of the 2020-2021 school year, our hope is for our students to experience, as best as possible, many of our normal end of the year events. We can only make this happen if everyone does their part by following the guidelines of which we are all familiar:

  • wearing masks

  • maintaining physical distancing to the extent possible

  • avoiding large social gatherings

  • handwashing and respiratory etiquette

  • cleaning and maintaining facilities

  • contract tracing in combination with isolation and quarantining (Note: MDHHS quarantine guidelines have changed as of April 5 from 10 days mandatory quarantining to 14 days)

  • self-screening and staying home when you are sick

Like many, I have experienced a little “COVID Fatigue” from time to time and have let my guard down. Like you, I am ready for COVID and all of the plans, guidelines, recommendations, orders, and alike that have come with it to be behind us. But now is not the time to get lax. As a school community we have worked incredibly hard to get our schools open and want to keep them open. We won’t be able to do that without individuals seriously observing the simple mitigation strategies mentioned above. This includes in our schools and in the community as well.

We know that having to quarantine a student can be a source of frustration and inconvenience for some students and their families...we get it. We don't like having to tell a student they can't come to school or participate in a school event, but it is the hand we've been dealt. You can have confidence in the fact that our teachers have plans in place to make sure students continue to receive the instruction they will miss.

As a final reminder, please complete the VLP interest form if you are interested in your student(s) participating in a fully virtual program for the 2021-22 school year. Access to the form will be closing at midnight tonight. VLP Interest Form

Stay Well! SLCS Strong!

Steve Archibald

Secondary Families

Reminder about High School Summer School Credit Recovery Interest Form:

Earlier this week, we sent out an interest form for families to fill out if they have a child who needs summer school this summer to recover high school credits needed for graduation. If you haven’t had a chance to fill out this form yet, we invite you to fill it out as we will be closing this interest form on Sunday, April 18th at midnight. If you have any questions about whether your child may need summer school or not this summer, please contact your child’s guidance counselor at either South Lyon High School or South Lyon East High School.

High School Summer School Credit Recovery Interest Form

Special Education

The Special Education Department is excited to have the Summer Experience return face to face this year for grades K-12PS. In light of the pandemic, we have made a couple changes to our Summer Experience. Students will be able to attend 5 days a week for a total of 3 weeks. This year, teachers will be focusing on literacy activities 3 days a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) and social emotional learning activities 2 days a week (Tuesday/Thursday). The registration form will be sent out via Skylert soon!

Food Service

Lunch will be offered, free, to all students who are attending in person class.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: Meals are set up as a “Grab and Go” with choices of hot or cold entrees. A free meal consists of entrée, fruit, vegetable and milk.

Wednesday’s Lunch is offered as a “Take Home” to all students every Tuesday. Students can stop by outside the cafeteria on Tuesday’s after school to pick up Wednesday lunch and 5 breakfasts.

Tuesday “Take Home” meals consist of:

(5) Breakfast, (5) Juice and (5) 8oz Milk

(1) Lunch, (1) Fruit, (1) Vegetable and (1) 8oz Milk

Ala Carte Milk: .50 cents (Milk is only free with a school lunch.)

Supply Chain Struggles: Menu is subject to change, if product is not available from the manufacturer. Menu items will be replaced with something similar or a different item.

Menu is located on the District Website under the Food Service Department.

Food distribution is available for all students not attending in person class, whether 100% virtual or quarantined, on Wednesday from 4:30-6:00 at South Lyon High School door 11.

P-EBT cards have been mailed out to families that qualify. Question & Answer Sheet, along with Help Desk phone number and email address are posted on the District Website under Food Service. Please direct questions to the MDHHS Help Desk

(833) 905-0028.

P-EBT cards are issued to families who are Free/Reduced through Direct Certification or have a current Free/Reduced application on file for SY 2020 - 2021. Families can fill-out a Free/Reduced form on-line via the District website or email a signed, hard copy to


Reminder that students will need to keep their face mask on during the entire ride to/from school.

Students are assigned a seat by the driver. When possible, they will be seated with a sibling. It is possible students may be seated with someone they do not know.

Drivers will try to space students out, however there are some routes where social distancing is not possible. It is important to use hand sanitizer and keep face mask on the entire ride to/from school.

Remember to not send your student on the bus/to school if they are showing symptoms of illness.

Note: In regards to bus drivers wearing face masks - there may be situations where it is not safe for the bus driver to wear a facial covering. If it hinders their driving in any way, they are allowed to pull it down.

Wellness Update: InPACT at Home

Doctors are seeing an alarming trend in pediatric patients - children are 10-20 pounds overweight due to inactivity. Let’s promote physical activity!

InPACT at Home is Interrupting Prolonged sitting with ACTivity

InPACT at Home is an evidence-informed, home-based physical activity program that enables K-12 students to engage in health-enhancing physical activity and physical education. Instructors from across Michigan will coach students about proper form on a wide-range of movement activities, all while encouraging the whole family to participate. Students are encouraged to log up at least 60-mins of activity in their daily log. Read more about the InPACT by visiting their website: InPACT at Home

SLCS Shout-Out

Each week we will highlight one of our amazing staff members in our Thursday weekly communication.

This week’s staff member is Sharon Kulas, Hardy and Sayre Elementary,4th grade Virtual learning Pathway Teacher.

Mrs. Kulas has been a fantastic teacher during this unique year. She has built strong relationships with students, created engaging and meaningful learning opportunities, and challenged students intellectually. Mrs. Kulas makes all students feel welcome and special. She brings an incredible energy to teaching and learning every single day!

Thank you Mrs. Kulas!

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