Thursday, September 3, 2020

We wish all our Mathews Mavs a wonderful Labor Day weekend! This is a 4 day weekend!

As a reminder, students will not have classes Monday, Sept. 7 or Tuesday, Sept. 8.

On Wednesday, September 9 we will be back to learning both with students participating in School to Home Learning and Face to Face Learning on campus.

You can also review prior e-News on our Mathews webpage by clicking the title above,

20-21 A Mavnificent Year! It is a hyperlink to our archived e-News on our school webpage.

Below is lots of information for our families who are returning to campus on Wednesday, Sept. 9 for Face to Face instruction.

Bringing materials to school:

If you are a parent of a Face to Face Learner...please know we know there is A LOT of materials to bring to school. Feel free to bring back a little each day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Please take time to review this information so we can provide the smoothest transition back to campus for your child.

ACTION REQUIRED By Friday, September 4:

For our FACE to FACE families it is important that you complete the survey below indicating how your child will go home: bus, daycare, walker, or carpool? You will need to submit a form for each child in your home that will be attending Mathews FACE to FACE.


SURVEY: How My Child Goes Home from School Due 9/4

Parents of Face to Face Learning. Please complete this survey. Click the button to provide information how your child will go home each day. Complete an individual survey for each child in your home that attends Mathews.

Mathews Mavericks Special Announcement


As we look forward to Face to Face Learning on Sept 9 we want to share with our Mathews families some procedures that will be in place for the safety of our students, staff and community.

Please visit with your children in advance to these changes so that their first days back on campus will be smooth and happy ones.

At all times when on school property (inside or outside) all parents/guests are to wear masks and maintain social distancing. This is particularly important at arrivals and dismissals.

Your support and cooperation leads by example and helps our students practice proper social distancing and wearing masks to stay happy and healthy at school.

How to Help Your Child Before We Return

Before we return to Face to Face Learning there are a few things you can do at home to help your child and help us when we are at school.

  • Teach and reinforce proper handwashing techniques. See the button below for helpful hints and guidance from the CDC.
  • Practice wearing face masks and remembering not to touch your eyes and face.
  • For younger students, empower them to open their own water bottles/juice boxes/frequently eaten snacks through frequent practice, etc.
  • When purchasing items such as lunchboxes and snack containers, consider items that can be surface cleaned easily or are disposable. Look for items that your child can easily manipulate limiting the amount of help needed from another person.
This form should be used to report when a student has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is having symptoms that may be COVID-19, or if they have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Once the report is received, your school nurse will contact you with additional information.


How to Report Covid-19 Symptoms

Parents, This link lets you report regarding Covid-19 Symptoms or identified cases of Covid-19.


On Wednesday morning we will distribute through the passenger window or to parents who are walkers transportation cards for carpool and parent cards for our parents who meet their kinder, first or second grade student as a walker. Please fill out your child's information and bring with you at dismissal either in the carpool line at the grade level door if your child is a walker. Thank you!

Our building opens at 7:00 in the carpool line. Students are welcome to eat breakfast or wait in the gym. At 7:15 students are dismissed with social distancing to go to their classroom.

To allow your child time to get to the classroom and unpack to be ready to begin instruction at 7:40 we encourage you to drop off your child no later than 7:30. Students are tardy at 7:40.


  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival.

  • Students must adhere to campus entry, exit and transition procedures to reduce large group gatherings in close proximity.

  • Students will be assigned to report to a specific area and will be expected to adhere to schedules for morning arrival.

  • It is required that students and staff wear masks when entering the building and waiting in the designated waiting area.

  • When using the cafeteria, students should choose seats that leave empty space (seats) between seats.

  • Students are expected to stay seated until they are dismissed by a staff member.

  • Students will have access to use the restroom while they are in the cafeteria, gym or any other area as they wait to go to their classroom. Students and staff will follow the campus procedures developed to maintain proper social distancing.


  • Parents are encouraged to talk with their child about the health benefits of wearing a mask at school.

  • Parents are encouraged to talk with their child about the health benefits of social distancing at school, as well as the health benefits of washing their hands, and/or using hand sanitizer.


  • Campus staff is required to complete the self-screening questions located at every entry point and scan the QR code upon entry.

  • Staff members will be assigned to supervise students who report to multiple areas for morning arrival (gym, cafeteria, library, large spaces).

  • Staff are required to have masks on when entering the building and will monitor to ensure that they ensure that students are wearing masks in the hallways and in classrooms.

  • Staff will dismiss student cohorts using staggered student release into halls from these areas.


Welcome to our Kinders joining us Face to Face beginning Wednesday.

We will be doing things a little differently this year. Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite parents into the grade level a we have in years past.

We will have the Kindergarten doorway open for students to enter directly into their Kinder hallway. Mrs. Calaza and Mrs. Norkiewicz will be there ready to great them and welcome them to their classrooms.

Parents we ask that you remain six feet back from the doorway as well as socially distancing yourself from the other parents and children.

We will have staff on hand to help assist our newest Mavs into the building and safely into their teacher's classroom.


Each classroom has partitions/plexiglass and dividers to provide additional safety in addition to social distancing.

Handwashing. Students will be social distancing and utilizing the dividers between one another to promote safety.

Masks will be worn throughout the day in the building as well as during recess. All students will have to wear masks at school. Each student will also have a face shield.

Primary grades will use face shields to support learning at times when a masks interrupts instructions; i.e. phonics, etc.

Masks will be worn in the hallway and during specials. Face shields will remain in the classroom at your child’s desk.

If a child leaves his mask at home, one will be provided for him.

Lunch, Snacks and Water Bottles

Beginning September 9:

  • If students plan to bring their lunch from home, they need to bring a packed lunch with them when they arrive to school in the morning. Students will keep their lunches in their own backpack until lunch time.

  • Students will be able to continue to purchase breakfast or lunch from school. Lunches will be enjoyed in the homeroom classroom.

  • Birthday treats for classrooms of students are no longer permitted. Teachers will continue to acknowledge student birthdays in the classroom as in past years, but food will no longer be shared with students.

  • Students should bring a water bottle each day that we can refill during the day if needed. Water bottles should go home each afternoon to be cleaned and refilled for the next day.

  • Students are welcome to bring healthy snacks from home. Snack time will be provided in the classroom each day.

Please note that when selecting snacks to send to school we have the following allergies at our campus:

K – Peanut, Tree Nuts, Sesame

1 – Peanut, Tree Nuts, Fish/Shellfish

2 – None known

3 – Peanut, Tree Nuts

4 – Peanut, Tree Nuts

5 – Peanut, Tree Nuts, Sesame

New Lunch Account System

Online Lunch Accounts

Plano ISD is using a new online payment system, Rycor. In an effort to reduce time, money and paper waste, parents can pay their children’s school and lunch fees through a secure online website,



Dismissal: Campus will designate staggered dismissal groups. Staggering the groups of walkers, car riders, bus riders or grade level will help manage student movement in the building and decrease the risk of potential crowding outside at dismissal time. Sanitizer stations will be placed at each exit and students will be encouraged to sanitize hands prior to exit.Separate exits will be utilized for car riders, bus riders, walkers and daycares. Parents picking up students during the day will be required to follow all visitor screening protocols, in addition to following all standard check-out procedures. Office staff will sign the student out, documenting both the time the student left the building, as well as the time the parent requested for early dismissal.

Each child will have a color coded dismissal tag to make sure that each child will be where they need to be to get home to you safely. Once students are at the right place for dismissal, we will ask your child to place the tag that is on the lanyard in their backpack so they can bring it back the next day. These tags also serve as their lunch card and library card so it is important they return to school each day.

Please note that students are not permitted to remain on school property after dismissal. Students and parents need to leave the school grounds. We look forward to seeing your child back at school the next day!


Car Pool


  • As students exit their car, they will be expected to keep social distance when walking toward the building entry. Students will not congregate with other students on the campus when walking to school.

  • Students or volunteers will not be allowed to open doors or assist with car pool arrival.

  • Students will remain at a social distance while waiting to be picked up in the carpool area. Students will not congregate in large groups with other students on the campus when dismissed from school at the end of the day.


  • Parents should assist their own child with exiting the car.

  • Parents should follow pick up protocols regarding how to pick up their child.

  • Parents are asked to not congregate in large groups with other parents as they wait for their child to be dismissed from campus.


  • Assigned staff supervises student arrival, ensures that students are wearing masks, directs students to waiting areas and encourages that students maintain desired social distance between students.

  • Assigned staff supervises student dismissal, directs students to waiting areas and encourages that students maintain desired social distance between students.




  • It is recommended that walkers keep social distance and use a face covering while walking to and from school.

  • Students will not be permitted to congregate before and after school.

  • At the end of the school day, students must leave campus immediately and begin walking home.


  • Parents are encouraged to talk with their child about the health benefits of social distancing.

  • Parents should follow campus guidance on how to pick up their child.

  • Parents are asked to not congregate in large groups with other parents as they wait for their child to be dismissed from campus.


  • Assigned staff supervises student arrival and dismissal, ensures that students are wearing masks, directs students to waiting areas and encourages that students maintain desired social distance between students.

  • Teachers will assist in monitoring students to discourage large groups from congregating.


Bike Rack


  • Students will use every other space in the bike rack to keep distance when arriving at school.

  • Students will immediately leave campus and begin riding their bike home at the end of the school day.

  • Students are not to congregate in large groups with other students on the campus when dismissed from school at the end of the day.

  • It is recommended that students keep social distance and use a face covering while riding their bike home.


  • Parents are encouraged to talk with their child about the health benefits of social distancing.

  • Parents are asked to not congregate in large groups with other parents as they wait for their child to be dismissed from school.

  • Students in Kinder, First and Second grade are met by their parent at the grade level door. Parents then walk their child to the bike rack to leave campus.


  • Teachers assigned to supervise this area will ensure students use every other space in the bike rack for use.


Transportation COVID-19 Protocol: Parent Information

Afternoon Campus Boarding Bus Procedures

  • Students are expected to practice social distancing as they approach and board the bus.

  • Use hand sanitizer (provided near stairwells).

  • Seating: Students will be seated starting from the back seats then toward the front.

    • Considerations for siblings & younger students mixed with older students.

  • Bus in motion rules: Standard Plano ISD bus rules apply.

  • Students should NOT share food, drinks or personal devices.

Unloading at Bus Stop

  • Unloading will start from the front to the back.

  • Students are expected to practice Social Distancing and avoid gathering in groups.

  • Students should NOT share food, drinks or personal devices.

From Mr. Lozano for ART

Art Supplies

Dear Parents,

When your child comes to art face to face they will need to bring the following general classroom supplies to art. These can be stored in a ziplock bag with your child's name on it.

If you do not have these supplies listed below that is o.k.!

2 #2 pencils

A pair of children's scissors - blunt

1 glue stick

1 glue bottle

1 pack of color pencils

1 pack of markers

1 pack of crayons

1 pack of 9 x12 multi-color construction paper

The purpose behind this is to prevent any spread of the virus.

District will soon be providing:

At a later date, all students will be receiving a creativity kit from the Plano ISD art department which will include the following items: a sturdy Ziploc bag, ruler, 2 black fine line pens, Magic Rub eraser, sharpener and a set of watercolors.

Students can place the general classroom supplies in the Ziploc bag to keep everything together. Students will need to bring their creativity kit to art every week. If they want to put other art supplies in their bag, they are most welcomed to do so.

PASAR After School Care Registration

PASAR online registration began on Monday, August 17, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. for students who are enrolled in face-to-face learning for the 2020-2021 school year. Registration will now be completed in Eleyo instead of the Parent Portal. Eleyo provides a more convenient registration process. Read more about how to register via Eleyo. For questions about the PASAR program, contact or 469-752-3782. For questions about your account or registration, email

Nurse Christina

From Nurse Christina

Parents, Please click the button to review all the helpful information from Nurse Christina so we can keep our Mathews Mavs happy and healthy!

From Mrs. Toler, Our Counselor

From the Counselor's Corner

Helpful hints and information from Mrs. Toler as we prepare to begin Face to Face Learning.

LIBRARY News from Mrs. Noble!

Library News from Mrs. Noble!

Click the button for lots of information from our librarian, Mrs. Noble including our 20-21 Bluebonnet nominees!



The referral window for PACE is open between August 12 through September 11. Please click this button for information from our PACE teacher, Ginny Selec.


The PACE Referral Window is now open. Information regarding PACE is available by clicking the button above. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Selec, our PACE teacher at if you have questions about the Gifted and Talented program.


Mark Your Calendar...

Monday, September 7:

Labor Day Holiday. No school.

Tuesday, September 8:

Teacher Professional Development Day. No School

Wednesday, September 9:

Face to Face Learning Beginnings for students who chose this learning option.

School to Home Learning continues for students who chose this option.

Friday, September 11:

PACE Referral window closes.

September 28-October 2:

Next open window to request change of learning environment. Change would begin on October 13.

October 12:

School Holiday

November 3:

Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day

November 23-27:

Thanksgiving Break

December 18:

Early Release Day

December 21 through January 4:

Winter Break

20-21 PISD Academic Calendar

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Window to Request Changes for the Second Nine Weeks

During our Virtual Curriculum Grade Level meetings several parents asked for clarification regarding when and how they can make decisions regarding their children participating in learning via "School at Home" or "Face to Face" learning.

The initial selection period for choosing PISD School@Home ended on July 16. An extended window was open between July 24-August 6 if a selection was not made by the original deadline.Parents were able to make changes during this window as well.

The next window for parents to make a change will be between September 28-October 2 and would start October 13.

The button below takes you to the district website with information on how and when you can make or update your decisions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to either Mrs. Powell or Mr. Steele.

If there are any revisions, PISD will reach out to our families, and we promise to do the same.

Plano ISD Information on the 2020-21 School Year

Additional information from our district.


Chromebook Support:

If you have a broken Chromebook or are having difficulties with your power cord, please email our amazing Mathews' CTA, Justin Taylor at

The Plano ISD help desk is also available to assist you in obtaining a working Chromebook. Contact the help desk Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (469) 752-8767, or email


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