Sampling In Bit Rate


Sampling and The Effects It Has On Size and Quality!

Sampling Has a Massive Effect on size and quality.If you want an extremely high quality audio track it is going to have a very high file size. But if you wanted a very low file size you would have a very bad quality song. You have to swap Size for quality or quality for size. If you also need a song/audio Clip at its top quality the size of the file could get up to 2gb and even over that.Record recorders have very high quality songs. so it has more sampling rate and the file is very large.

Sampling Rate

Sampling rate determines how the song will sound, the more sampling rate the better the song, but also the more audio bites(kbp) Also Determines how good the quality is.

Bit Rate

Bit Rate is how many bits the song/audio clip is stored in. It is known also as the size of the file, if the bitrate is high the quality will be high because it is increasing the size of the file. meaning the quality increased.

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