The Parts of a Computer

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The motherboard (also known as the main board) has most of the parts in a computer that runs it.

Hard Drive

The hard drive stores all the long term memory.
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System Fan

The system fan cools all the components as they heat up when they work.
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Processor (CPU)

The CPU runs the whole computer, it does all the nitty gritty stuff like calculations.
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RAM Modules

The RAM Modules store all the short term memory, like your latest mouse click or keyboard touch.
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Optical Drive

The Optical Drive is where you put in your cd's and dvd's to plat them or burn stuff onto them.
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Heat Sink

The Heatsink is located on top of the CPU to cool it so it doesn't break.
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Power Supply

The Power Supply is of course the thing that gives the computer it's power so it can work.
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