8th Grade Think Aloud

To Support the Process of Inquiry

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Brainstorming through Chalk Talk

Resolved: When in conflict, self-esteem ought to be merited over success.

Thinking Aloud: Making Reading Visible

  1. What is necessary for a first read to gain an understanding of the meaning of the article?
  2. What perspectives do you notice in the article that point to the author's purpose and message?

1. Affirming or Negating the Resolution

Who will write the affirmative and who will write the negative cases in your group?

2. Researching the issue through Inquiry

What evidence is there to support your side?

Who are the experts and what do they say?

3. Constructing the Case

What would those in society value if they took your side of the argument?

Write 2 or 3 Contentions

  • Claim: What do you claim?
  • Warrant: What is your evidence?
  • Impact: What is the result or impact?

4. Revising Your Contentions

  • Do your claims match and support your side of the argument?
  • Are your warrants and impacts connected to each claim?

5. Creating an Introduction

  • How can you grab the audience's attention?
  • Which words are necessary for you to define to help your case?

6. Developing a Conclusion

How can you bring the case to a close in a way that makes the listener understand why your position matters?

7. Debating

What perspectives will you listen for when debating your case?

What is your attack method?