Muldoon Elementary Newsletter

March 30th 2020 - Resources for Digital Learning

A Note From Mr. Grant

Dear Muldoon Parents & Families,

Hello, I hope this letter finds you and yours healthy!

Please remember that your primary role as parents during this time is to maintain safety and provide basic needs to your children. Please continue to utilize the food distribution sites which includes Muldoon Elementary School. These sites are continuing to operate throughout this time.

Our staff has been working very hard providing the following to students and parents:

  • Supplemental resources for all grade levels and specials
  • Supplemental zoom live conversations between students and teachers.
  • Making or attempting contact with all Muldoon families.

The educational materials displayed online are for you and your family to use in a way that works best for you, and are not required. Please use the following social media platforms as they will support you and your family with informational updates and educational resources.

Our Muldoon Facebook Page and The Muldoon Website

As always please contact me with questions or concerns at or call 742-1460.

May you stay safe and stay well

Leroy Grant, Principal

Happy Birthday!

We wanted to give a big BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to all of our Muldoon students who have a birthday in the month of March!!

March 3rd - Lucy & Richery

March 4th - Diego

March 5th - Isaias & Bob & Tuarik

March 6th - Payton & Lily & Jedidiah

March 7th - Emma & Aryonna & Kaori & Ni'siaryia

March 8th - Zenaiyah & Clayven & Angela

March 9th - Darius

March 11th - Cameron

March 12th - Jaquan

March 13th - Delilah

March 15th - Ariana

March 17th - Brooklyn & Isaiah

March 19th - Everett

March 20th - Aidan & Chown

March 21st - Alexander

March 22nd - Jennifer & Anila

March 23rd - Laniya

March 24th - Hope

March 25th - Jimmy

March 26th - Leahona

March 28th - Richard & Ariella & Krystal

March 29th - Layla

March 30th - Anzleigh & Vivian

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We know that families have many questions concerning distance learning and what the rest of the school year looks like. ASD has prepared an Education Focused Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) resource for our families. Click the Button above.

Family Resources

LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems! Episode 01

Listen to a Podcast!

The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do
Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark | Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge | @Baby Shark Official

Tech Help

If you need technical support please know you can communicate with the ASD Helpdesk by using this link:

ASD Help Center

Also, many of our teachers will be using Google Classroom as their platform for Distance Learning.

Here is a link to a brief tutorial on Google Classroom for parents which is about 4 minutes long and very informative: Parents’ Tutorial Video

Muldoon Teacher's Weblinks

Library Corner

Click Here for some great resources from Mrs. Retzel!
Zoom Schedule

Click on the button above to view our Digital Learning Zoom Schedule!

Big picture
World Book Online

Access the World Book Online account here! They have added many databases to our account to help during the COVID-19 Crisis. Username: asdwb Password: yourlibrary

World Book Online Parent Help

Also, World Book has put together a Distance Learning site to help parents navigate these resources! (this site is new, so please be patient while accessing it)

9 Min Exercise For Kids - Home Workout
Muldoon FaceBook

Click on the button above to check out our Facebook Page. Make sure to follow and like our page as this is a platform we will often post updates and important info on.

Muldoon Website

Here you can easily access the Muldoon Elementary Website.

Nurse's Corner

Here are some great resources from Nurse Bethany!

Distinguishing the Difference

At Home Wellness Toolkit