ROE Kindergarten

Where the magic begins February 1-5, 2021

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100th day of school and home project

We are getting close to the 100th day of school. We will be celebrating with fun activities all day on Feb. 9

Whether you are in person or virtual, we are asking that you create a 100 day project. You can use 100 stickers, beans, legos, or anything you can come up with to show the number 100. You can put them in groups of 10 or use them to show the number 100.

Your child may also dress up as a 100 year old or create their own 100 day shirt. (google 100th day of school for SO many fun ideas) If they chose not to dress up, they will need to be in regular school uniforms (in-person only).

Can't wait to see what you have created!

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What We Are Learning

ELAR - We will be learning the difference between fairytales, fables, and folktales and will be able to distinguish the genres.

Math- We will collect, sort, and organize data into two or three categories and use data to create real-object and picture graphs.

Science -We will identify that seasons are a repeating pattern.

Social Studies - We will identify authority figures in the home, school, and community

Upcoming Events

Feb. 9 - 100th day of school

Feb. 12 - No school - teacher work day

Feb. 15 - No school - President's day

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