Classrooms in Mexico

Education in Mexico

By: Allie Sadoff

Las preguntas

1. ¿Dónde está la escuela? La escula está en Mexico.

2. ¿Cuál es la capital de Mexico? La capital de Mexico es Mexico City.

3. ¿Cuántos estudiantes hay en la clase? El la clase de Mexico hay treinta y uno - cincuenta estudiantes.

4. ¿Qué objetos hay en la sala de clase? En la clases hay el maestro, la papelera, la pizarra, el mapa, la silla, la band, la lapiz, la mochila, el reloj, la cuaderno.

5. and 6. ¿A qué hora empiezan las clases en Mexico? ¿A qué hora terminan las clases en Mexico? Important fact: Mexico has two different times that you can to go to school. This includes a morning time and an afternoon time. Las clases empiezan a las ocho y trienta. Las clases terminan a las tardes.

7. ¿De qué color es tu clase? El color de la clase en Mexico es amarillo.

8. ¿Cuál es tu clase favorita? Mi clase de favorita es espanol.

9. ¿Que clases no te gusta? La clase que no me gusta es ingles.

10. ¿Te gusta las escuelas de Latinoamérica? Porque? Me no gusto los clases de Latinoamérica. Important fact: This is because they seem to have less than we do and less learning opportunities.

11. ¿Qué materias estudian los estudiantes en esta escuela? Lista todas las materias. La lápiz, el papel. Important Fact: The wealthier schools learn both spanish and english while others just learn very poor spanish. They learn about a lot of the same stuff that we learn about. this includes history, technology, science, and that type of normal stuff.

12. ¿Cómo es la clase, es grande o pequeña? Las clases en Mexico es muy grande. Important fact: This is because it has a lot of children learning inside so their must be a lot of space.

Inquiry Questions,

How might going to school in a different country be different from attending school in the US?

Going to a school in another country would be different from going to a school in the US because the other country may have different technology then we have and definitly would not give out computers to their students. They also may not have smartboards to work on and that would make it harder to explain things.

What would the ideal school look like in the 21 century?

I think that Mount Mourne is pretty close to the ideal school that would be possible in the 21 century, though we should have two times to go to school so that we dont have to go to sleep so early or wake up so early if we wanted to, but we could also get school over with in the mourning like we do here in the US.

Is it better to attend school in a Spanish speaking country rather then the US?

Well I think that it is better to attend school in the US since at Mount Mourne we get computers and we get to use smart boards. In Mexico it seems that some of the opportunities that we have are only avaliable to the wealthier families, if anyone at all.

More important facts,

Most schools wear uniforms

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