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About this product:

The Element Ruthenium is defined as... A hard white acid-resistant metallic element that is found in platinum ores and is used to harden platinum and palladium for jewelry and in alloys for nonmagnetic wear-resistant instrument pivots and electrical contacts.

~ Ruthenium ~

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Cost: $30/g!

Facts YOU need to know about Ruthenium:

# of Protons: 44

# of Neutrons: 57

# of Electrons: 44

Melting Point: 2250.0 C

Boiling Point: 3900.0 C

Normal Phase: Solid

Classification: Metal

My element belongs to the Transition Metal family!

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Interesting Facts:

  • It has been extracted from used nuclear fuel.
  • $1286 per kilogram.
  • It's used for jewelry and many other things.
  • Color is silvery-white.
  • It's in powder form, most of the time.
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Baylee Lopez