Sports Cars Incorporated

Jalen Owens, Jordan Elliott, Tommy Dyer

The Six Buisness Actvities

  1. Generating Ideas: We sell high quality luxury sports cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti. Porsche, and Audi's. We started off as a small business in a small town. We chose our location strategically, where there was nobody else who could match our quality. As we grew we started going to bigger cities and bigger clients, therefore our business grew.
  2. Raising Money: The money will come from financial investors who see success in our business.
  3. Employee & Training: We look for the best employees we can, we want the most quality we can find. Our employees must have many good traits of character such as responsibility, and being trustworthy are two of the most important traits. The training includes numerous videos on how to treat customers, the studying of cars and how they work, and an overview of how the company works.
  4. Buying Goods & Services: We get our supplies from car manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and other sports cars and look to form very good relationships with many producers.
  5. Marketing Goods & Services: We will mainly be advertising through the Internet and just on the local radio wherever there is a dealership, and hopefully we will get some billboards along highways throughout the country as our business grows.
  6. Maintaining Business Records: At the beginning we will hire an accountant to manage our company sales, taxes, etc. and as the business grows we will hire more accountants because there will be more tasks to complete


We chose to be a corporation for it's obvious advantages, it improves interests of stockholders because they have protected liability only to the amount they invested and also there is separate legal entity filed with documents with the state. Also, the company is managed by a Board of Directors. Some disadvantages to a corporation are that there are more legal requirements, it's difficult to start and stockholders don't have a say in decisions, which could be a turnoff. Overall, we decided the risks were worth the positive outcome.

Business Goals

  1. We would like to move out of the local area eventually since we could be bigger and better.

  2. We want to hopefully have no debt after 5 years, but of course we are already making progress to not having debt

  3. We want to have little to no troubles with employees inside the business such as disagreements, fights, unworthiness, etc.

  4. We want to have very good customer feedback from people who have came to our business and bought cars from us

  5. We want to have a country wide business after 10 years of being a Corporation


Mission Statement

We want to change the roads from how they are today, not for me, not for us, not for the company, but for you, so that you, our customers can have a better tomorrow, viewed from behind the windshield of a brand new sports car

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