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Office Closure Update

We wanted to provide all of our patients with an update about the office. When Gov. Prtizker ordered Illinois to shelter in place until April 7th, Dr. Patty made the decision to close the office to regular patients as well. This was done both for the safety of our patients as well as staff. We had hoped that the shelter in place order would not be extended, but the rising number of Covid-19 cases in Illinois caused that order to be extended until April 30th.

As such, our office will be closed to regular appointments, including all massage and acupuncture, through April 30th. Dr. Patty is available to see patients that are having pain that is at least a 6/10 on a case by case basis. Patients that are experiencing pain of this level should leave a message on the office phone, email us at zemaitishealthwellness@gmail.com, or reach out through Facebook. Dr. Patty will then evaluate your needs and make an appointment as needed or decide if a telemedicine visit would be appropriate. We are also able to order and send supplements directly to you. Please reach out the same way for this.

Dr. Patty is always available by email for any concern that you may have as well.

Steps to Help Reduce Stress

Due to the shelter in place order, your stress level or anxiety may have increased. We wanted to give you some insights to help with that.

1. Set up a routine. Try and go to sleep and get up at the same time each day.

2. Try and get some sort of exercise each day. It is possible to exercise while maintaining social distance. Go for a walk or run while keep distance from anyone that is not in the same household as you. Try an online yoga class. Many yoga studios are offer classes online.

3. Eat as healthy as possible. Many people tend to eat more junk food when stressed. To combat this, have healthy snacks on hand such as protein bars, cut up fruit and veggies, as well as lots of healthy protein choices.

4. Don't measure yourself against others. Some people are going to use this time to post on social media that they are cleaning out their entire house, learned a new craft and are now a Montassori home school for their kids. If you don't feel up to doing something new or you feel like you aren't as structured with your kid's e-learning as others, that is okay. We all handle stress in different ways and it is okay to not want to add a lot of new things into our lives at this time.

5. If you are a new work from home person, make sure that your work area is is as ergomonically set up as possible. Are you looking down at your laptop all day? Try and set it up so it is higher up. No desk to sit at? Try a kitchen counter. Don't have a great chair? Use your foam roller or bolster at your low back to help maintain better posture.

6. Reach out to others. Whether it is a phone call to a co-worker to ask a question or an all family Zoom party, talk to other people. Let others know what you are feeling and are worried about. It helps!

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