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December 2015 Edition

The end of the first semester is upon us!! Thank you for allowing me to work alongside you and your students!

I hope that each of you has a wonderful, restful, and blessed Holiday Season! As you spend time with loved ones, may you know that your students will most likely be missing you! The two weeks away from school will be difficult for some, and when they get back, they will be returning to someone who nurtures them, challenges them, and gives them comfort and security! Our students are blessed to have you!


Math Worksheets Land

Worksheets? I know you are thinking, what??!!! These are not your ordinary worksheets. This site has guided lessons you could use for your Tier 1 reteaching/conceptual refinement/small group interventions. The word problems have visuals and a teacher explanation to help deepen student understanding. You will only be able to access the free worksheets/lessons. *Disclaimer: These are aligned to common core, so please check to assure yourself the lessons are aligned to our TEKS.

Illustrative Mathematics

Another resource similar to one above. Again, proceed with caution as these are Common Core aligned lessons/activities. =)

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