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News You Can Use (right now!)

- Award-winning authors KATE DiCAMILLO & LAUREN CHILD will be in London Monday Sep 25 at Waterstone's in Kensington. Click the link for more details!

-Thursday Sep 21 is International Day of Peace. The books below are in the LS Office for your use in the classroom. They're short and perfect for a quick read-aloud or introduction to any activity you have planned.

Lessons in Our Library

Each week, students in PreK - Grade 4 have lessons in the library. Here's what we've been up to:


- Students completed a theme study on CATS, participating in rhymes and stories with similar main characters. They also participated in International Dot Day, creating a unique dot for Kitten from Kitten's First Full Moon. Our next theme is COUNTING.

Grades K/1:

- Our current author study is Peter Brown. Students have been working on social-emotional learning (SEL) in the library, connecting the characters in our stories to social/emotional behaviors. For example, in Chowder, students had to relate how Chowder was KIND or DID HIS BEST in the story and considered the consequences when his best accidentally hurt another group.

- All students participated in Dot Day, creating unique 3D dots with Quiver.

Grade 2:

- We've made science connections to solids/liquids/gases using Arnold Lobel's Owl at Home.

- SEL has also been a focus, using Amy Krouse Rosenthal's The OK Book to discuss how humans are often OK and that it's okay to not be an expert or perfect or bad. Student reflections of how they're OK are on display in the lower-school hallway.

- Dot Day was celebrated, with students writing a word to express who they want to be this year (kind, helpful, creative, etc). This was part of our SEL focus.

Grades 3&4:

- All students completed a reading/library survey to help assess the needs and use of the library by current students.

- We had an introduction to Destiny, the library catalog, as well as a lesson on the characteristicts of strong/weak passwords. An article I mentioned to students on new ideas related to password safety is here.

- Most weeks, lessons begin with 2-3 booktalks of developmentally-appropriate titles that are reflective of the likes of the student survey results. All books booktalked are immediately available for circulation.

International DOT DAY!

From Sep 11-15, we celebrated DOT DAY...and we were very international! Many activities happened across the grades, including:

- creating augmented-reality dots using QuiverVision

- Skyping with five classrooms in North America (Kansas, Maryland, Alabama, Vermont)

- listening to and reacting to The Dot by Peter Reynolds

Creating AR dots for Dot Day with QuiverVision

Skype events for International Dot Day


...that all students are learning how to do self check-out with their library pass? (though it's usually only books, not shoes!) This fosters independence and encourages self-monitoring behaviors.
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Looking for a book? Check the LS Library catalog!

Click HERE for the library catalog.

And...FAMILIES can check out books from our library! Please send Ms. Arika an email, or stop in the library. It's easy!