Hudson's Happenings

November 13, 2015

Notes From the Teacher

Be sure to keep saving the My Coke Rewards, Campbell Soup labels, and Tyson Chicken A+ points. The class with the most by November 30th will win a pizza party!

The weather is getting cooler. Please be sure your child has a coat or jacket for morning recess. We will go out for recess as long as the weather is above freezing.

Friday Journals are coming home today. Please try to write a quick note back to your child and return them to school on Monday.

This Week's Focus


*I can ask a question before, during and after reading and respond to them in my journal.


*I can use my writing to give an opinion about a character or book.


*I can write and use homophones correctly.

*I can identify and write adjectives that compare correctly.


*I can use known combinations to add two or more numbers.

*I can use standard notation (+,-,=) to represent addition and subtraction problems.

*I can develop strategies for solving addition and subtraction story problems.

Social Studies:

*I can compare and contrast habitats, resources, art and daily lives of Native American peoples including the Woodland and Plains Indians.

Upcoming Events

November 18th- Early Release (school will dismiss at 1:00)

November 18th- Progress Reports sent home

November 25th-27th- NO SCHOOL

December 3rd- Major Saver Fundraiser begins