Breakfast is a very important for a healthy, energetic day!

Good choices in breakfast foods.

For a breakfast full of nutrients, you should eat lots of protein, which can be found in eggs, sausage, ect. Proteins are also great food to eat in the mornings. Proteins can be found in milk, cheese, seafood, ect.

Why breakfast is important

Breakfast is important because after sleeping approximately 8hrs, you get hungry because your body is used to eating 4 times in 8 hours (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Breakfast gives your body a kick start to start off your day.

Do not regularly skip breakfast

People have posted diets and losing weight ads or videos on the internet. It is stupid because surprisingly a lot of them say to skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast actually is worse for your body, and an average person would gain weight. If you´re trying to lose weight I would not try skipping meals because they are very important.