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March 6, 2017

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What's happening?

February Circulation - 4,162 items checked out!

Book Fair - Spring fair is April 3-7. Looking for volunteers now.

Overdue notices - Notices & reports were in boxes last week. Please encourage students to take care of these items as soon as possible.

Spring Break - Books do not need to be turned in prior to spring break. However, please remind students to keep books in a safe place, especially if they will be traveling. If you believe a student may not be returning after spring break, please encourage them to turn in their items before Friday, March 10.

Audiobook sets (Third-fifth grade ELAR teachers) - Don't forget to check out the audiobook collection. Personal CD players are also available. Happy listening!

Research Collaboration - A shout out goes to Ms. Moore, Mrs. Wynn's substitute, for jumping on the collaboration bandwagon! It was great to see those 4th graders putting their research skills to the test, And to Mrs. Hutson, for encouraging her 3rd graders to complete their research by applying their library/research skills independently in the library!

Check it will take less than a minute, I promise!

Thank you for having the library on your scavenger hunts. It was AWESOME to see so many students show their families their favorite part or activity of the library.
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