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Friday, March 4, 2016


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From the District Administrator's Office

Have you ever heard someone say, "why do I need to learn that? I am never going to use it." Many times when students are in school, they are not able to see into the future far enough to know how important a particular lesson will be for them later on.

Math is a prime example. The math we learn in kindergarten is the foundation for the math we learn in first grade. The math we learn in elementary school is the foundation for the math we learn in middle school, as is middle school the foundation for high school math.

Additionally, we never really know where our future will take us. Skills and knowledge we never anticipated needing could some day be the key to a life changing opportunity.

Simply put, take every opportunity you can to learn. Knowledge is always a valuable asset.

-- Mr. Hanson

From the Elementary Principal's Office

For many years, as I am sure you are well aware, there has been much controversy revolving around the 2009 launch of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. As a math teacher, myself, I am recently reminded of two undergrad classes in which I was required to take a course titled “Mathematics Concepts for Teachers I and II”. The required book was titled, Learning Mathematics in Elementary and Middle Schools by W. George Cathcart. I think back to this class and the activities that were required of me and remember the skills that were outlined in the required readings and can only say, “that was Common Core!” Out of interest, as I write to you, I pulled the book off my shelf and checked the copyright date. I am finding it to be a book from 1997, which is two years before I graduated from High School. I could literally slap a Common Core sticker on it. The point that I am trying to make is that these mathematical concepts have been around for years, even when we were all in school. Unfortunately, these same concepts have received a bad rap with the political controversy, parent frustration and the wide and frequent use of social media to attack the standards.

The bottom line is that students need activities and tasks that allow for a deeper understanding of mathematics. Is it ok to teach your child how you would solve the problem? Absolutely! Is it ok to call your child’s teacher asking for guidance? Absolutely! And it’s perfectly acceptable to write a note explaining to the teacher that your child seemed to miss the boat on a concept and ask for additional help. However, too many times I know that children see the frustrations of their parents and their comments on social media attacking the Common Core and mathematics in general. I truly believe that when this happens, students get down on themselves and think they can’t do it, when in fact, we know they CAN!

Below is a link to an article I found while reading about the controversy of the Common Core State Standards. Please do not take offense to the title. I felt it simply gave a great explanation of many of the common core examples I am sure you have all seen on social media. And again, please don’t hesitate to contact us if ask for guidance or clarification if you find yourself wondering about your child’s homework. We have some great teachers here that are always excited about helping your child excel in school.

Have a great weekend!

--Mrs. Schley

From the Middle School/High School Principal's Office

As a parent of middle and high school students, I know how difficult it can be to provide them with the help they need to complete their math homework. I rely on a few key websites, listed below, to help us out. I have found that by working with my children to find solutions alleviates some of the stress of homework. There are so many solutions online, and it can be a daunting task to sort through them all. I hope that these help you out, but please don’t forget that we have open lines of communication with our teachers. Our math teachers are always doing amazing things to connect what your student is learning with the “real world”. If you find yourself looking for unique resources or alternative ways that you can use to help your student grasp math concepts, please don’t hesitate to contact their teacher.

--Mrs. Dieckman

From The Athletic Director's Office

Congratulations to all our winter participants. Many success both individual and team. My hope is that more than the medal or trophies our athletes gained are the connections and memories gained. Records will fall and numbers will be forgotten but your teammates will last forever.

Congratulations to our winter senior athletes this year, who have displayed leadership and success in their athletic careers. I hope you are able to take what you have learned here and continue to grow and learn through athletics:

Rowdy Kochevar

Dean Harris

Paige Kennedy

Hannah Ludescher

Brooke Sterba

Chase Groothousen

Dylan Stoneberg

Alyssa Janes

Courtney Krell

Katie Ollinger

Isabel Schaefer

--Mr. Alberson

Math Games!

Math can be fun! Mrs. P's 3rd grade class has been playing games to improve their multiplication skills. In the pictures below they are playing Multiplication War and Connect 4. Way to go kids!

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