The War Of 1812

By: Mubushir Alam

Causes Of The War

One humongous cause of the War Of 1812 was the American Impressment by British soldiers. James Madison knew that the American sailors were being kidnapped by British soldiers so he made the Embargo Act. The Embargo Act stated that American Sailors were no longer allowed to trade with any foreign countries. This hurt the American economy greatly. America was no longer allowed to trade with any other foreign countries so that meant that the Sailors weren't making any money and had to close down the ports.

Special People

The War Hawks

The War Hawks were a group of people that thought that America had to go to War with Britain to end the conflicts that America was having in 1812. This group consisted of three major people. 1.) Henry Clay 2.) John C. Calhoun 3.) Daniel Webster. They were very Patriotic. They were always convincing Madison to go to war with England. Even though most of the people of America didn't want to go to War, Madison agreed with The War Hawks and was the only President to have asked Congress to go to war with any foreign country.

Effects Of The War

There were many effects that The War of 1812 had on the American Economy. One was that after the war had ended America had signed a peace treaty with Great Britain ending the conflict between the two nations. Another effect was that American ports could now trade without the worry of being impressed by the british fleet. Another great effect was that we had just ¨Won¨ a war with the strongest military at that time. We had got ourselves a name out in the world. Nations knew who America was now. We weren't just another rag tag country with a rag tag army. The last effect was that with Britain and the Native Americans on one side it was much harder to defeat two armies instead of one. Now with the British off the Indians, it would be much easier to win a war against The Natives instead of Natives and the British
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