UG Empire FC

The underdogs enter the the "Big League"

About The U.G.E. fc

After intense Try-outs the head coaching staff and managers for the U.G.E. fc have finally put together their finest. They have completed a squad that they believe completes its self to compete. The U.G.E have been invited to Division I SPIL (Sturtevant Premier Indoor League). Some don't think they can make it, but others believe they can keep up with the competition. They will be up against the power houses of ACE, Racine United, The Kenosha Crew, and Others. Notably deemed the captain is sophomore Jeremiah Bose, after a slower season in the 2014 SLC tournament on the UGHS Nation Team he has not been offered any contracts from any clubs. Right now he is on loan for The U.G.E and says "I really would like to move up to a bigger club, but I love these guys so much and its hard to just give something like that up". League play starts in 2 weeks.

This season will have many challenges, but we've come prepared

Problems and Solutions.

"One of the big problems The U.G.E. fc is facing is having enough players but do to stamina training and choosing the best of the best we have twiddled down to our best" Said head organizer Rodrigo Genial.

Another problem the Empire will face is having no keeper. If Eric and Josh both can't play then we will have to put in big 3rd string Brendon farmer. He agreed to the idea and was willing to help. "Brendon isn't afraid of the ball and is willing to get hit pretty hard to stop it." Said Genial. If worst comes to worst there 4th string is none other then their faithful captain. After a series of test we noticed that Jeremiah had huge potential to be a keeper and he is actually pretty good at it, We practice a shootout and he saved 8/10 kicks-very impressive. He also is great at diving, and stopping the ball, but because we need him on the field the most that's where we want to keep him.

We are the EMPIRE