By: Lauren Oliver

Delirium Summary

Ninety-five days until I'll be cured. Ninety-five days until I won't have to worry. Portland. A place were music is restricted. Were loving someone is a disese. My mother was cursed upon the disese. She had to have the procedure done twice. She was sceduled to have the procedure again. But she ran not wanting to be without love. Then almost to quickly she died. She wasn't murdered or anything she was running and then she died. SUDDENLY. I hope to never be like her.

My Review

I thought Delirium is like the Hunger Games because they both live in a different kind of place than us. Each book rations things. Like in the Hunger Games they were not aloud to hunt. In Delirium they ration electricity only the rich people have the money to use it.

Lena Haloway

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My Personal Favourite Quote From The Book

"I"d rather die on my own terms than live on theirs. I"d rather die loving Alex than live without him."Page 425. I chose this qoute because I felt it was very sweet and the fact that she would rather die knowing she was loved than live in a world of lies without him.

A Passage from the Book

"Listen to me I'm not who- I'm not who you think I am." I have to fight to stand. All of a sudden the currents tug and pull at me. it's always seemed this way. The tide goes out a slow drain, comes back in a rush. " What do you mean?" His eyes-shifting gold, amber, an aniaml's eyes-search my face, and without knowing why, I'm scared again. " I was never cured." he says. For a moment i close my eyes and imagine I've misheard him, imagine I'm only confused the slushing of waves for his voice. But when I open my eyes he's still standing there, staring at me, looking guilty and something else- sad, maybe?- and I know I heard correctly...

I did not read you the whole page because then I would of given away a really good part in the book.


I would rate Delirium 5 out of 5 stars because it had a bunch of action and whenever a chapter ended it would leave me hanging wanting to read more. Most books do not have a good beginning but this book hooked me in right away.