All about me. (:

Mariah Eckler

Me me me me me me

Hello everyone my name is Mariah Nicole Eckler I am 12 years old and I'm in 6th grade. I love to go skating at the Fun Ware House all my friends go their it is so much fun. I have one sister named Mikayla and I have one brother named Kolton. I am the middle child and I don't get want I want sometimes but although I have a great life. My mom and dad separated like almost one year ago and yeah I have a step mom and her name is Patricia. She is cool. She gets annoying sometimes but she is a pretty good step mom. I have a lot of friends one is Shawna I call her my Wifeyy she is sooooo nice to me all the time.. I hope to make more friends when I go to 7th grade and I hope throughout the year I see who my true friends are and who my fake friends are.
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