Be Barre Fit

Take Control of Your Body Today

What Are You Waiting For?

We hear about it all the time, I want to change my tummy, bottom, thighs..... It doesn't matter what you don't like about your body you CAN change it.

All it takes is 3-4 hours a week at Be Barre Fit and in one season you will have a whole new look. Lifted bottom, tighter tummy and chiselled thighs.

A typical comment that we hear: "I Work Out 5 Days a Week and I Don't Get Results."

What makes us different to our competitors is that at Be Barre Fit we have a low impact workout. we target muscle groups, fatigue them and then we stretch. The results are a longer, leaner body additional benefits are a stronger core and balance.

Come 3-4 classes a week, you will feel better within a few workouts and begin to see results in one month.

We don't make this up, our barre program works. Try it, drink the cool-aid and you will be addicted like all our barre belles.


Sarah Wolanin reviewed Be Barre Fit5 star

Be Barre Fit is an amazing workout with fabulous instructors. It took me a long time to find a workout that I saw results with and enjoyed doing. I absolutely love coming to barre and am actually enjoying getting in shape!

Courtney Bare reviewed Be Barre Fit5 star

I have been going to Be Barre Fit since it opened at the beginning of October and I LOVE it! The instructors are very friendly, the studio is beautiful and the work out is both fun and challenging. No prior experience is necessary as the instructors are very helpful and break down the various exercises in a way that is easy to follow no matter what level you are at. Highly recommend if you are interested in getting toned and fit around some great people!

Joanna Kaminski reviewed Be Barre Fit5 star

Absolutely the best yoga experience I have ever had, Barre kicked my butt, and the instructors are all exceptionally awesome!! Love, love ,love this place!!

Dara McBride reviewed Be Barre Fit5 star

I am always glad to have gone to Be Barre Fit - even for the 6.15 a.m. classes. Be Barre Fit is a great place to work out with friends or by yourself. Classes are challenging yet fun. The instructors are happy to help students of all levels to become fit and healthy.

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