Theorist Poster

By: Skyler Jones

Lawrence Kohlberg (1927- 1987)

Developmental Area of Focus

Kohlberg's main focus on development was on the moral reasoning in adolescents.

Level 1- Stage 1

This theory describes stages in a set order. The lowest stage is obedience, the highest is principle. *The first theory is obedience. In stage one they learn obedience and punishment and the second they learn orientation. These first two help to make sure rules are learned and obeyed.

Level 1 - Stage 2

*Self- interest orientation is learning they have their own goals as they grow older.

Level 2

Stage 3- Social Conformity

*This sage is a sense of what they do. It also teaches them what should be expected of them.

Stage 4- Law and Order

*By this stage they are adults. They know what to do about laws. They also learn to respect authority and follow those laws.

Level 3

Stage 5- Social Contract

*At this stage they are finding out which laws are right and wrong.

Stage 6- Universal Efforts

*Not many people operate this stage. It's based on reasoning and being able to out yourself into someone else's shoes.