Digital Citizenship

The importance of maintaining the digital world.

Digital Footprint & Reputation

Digital footprint - is the footprint you leave online

Consequence - the effect of something that happened earlier

The consequence of posting something inappropiate or negative online has different ranges of what could happen. The wrong person could see what you posted and screenshot, forward, or show other people and spread it to where everyone from your school could see it. Eventually, a teacher could see what you posted and you could get repercussions. Another consequence could be that in the future when you apply to get a job your employer could look you up and decide not to hire you because of what you posted.

NetSafety Blog: Digital Footprints

Self-Image & Identity

The term digital citizenship means; navigating the digital world safely, responsibly, & ethically. Online ethics is the morals you use online and how you act online.

Digital media plays a big role in high school students everyday life by maybe just texting or social media websites. High school students are constantly on media these days so naturally bad things are going to happen but that doesn't mean you can't work to stop the bad things from happening. Nearly 80 percent of high school students have cell phones wether it's a smartphone or a dumb phone they can still have access to the internet. Students nowadays are "addicted" to their phones and some can't even be without it for to long or they start freaking out. Don't be that person dude!

Self Image and Identity


Target - a person who is the object of intentional action

Bystander - a person who does nothing when they witness something happening

Upstander - a person who supports and stands up for someone else

Offender - a person who has malicious intent to hurt or damage someone

Cyberbullying is a big deal, not just if it's happening to you but if it's happening to anyone. 43 percent of teens have been cyberbullied and cyberbullying can lead to suicide so if you see someone getting cyberbullied, say something or report it to an adult. By speaking up or reporting the incident to an adult you might actually save a life by helping out before the person feels like the only option is suicide.

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Cyber bullying (Sam's Story)

Relationships & Communication

Image - a representation of someone or something

Double standard - a rule that is unfairly applied to different people or groups of people

Meeting new people is a slippery slope because first impressions are a big thing. The pros of meeting new people are simply just that, meeting new people, making new friends is always a good thing. The cons are that you could be meeting bad people who are going to bash on you if you say the wrong thing. Some people might accept you for who you are but others might bully you because of something you like.

Communicating Online