We Hope That We Are On the Right Track Now May 1, 2015

We hope that we are beginning to bridge the gap between admin and staff. We are trying to revive the emotions of despair and frustration by enjoying some positive words, 2-way

communication, and showing gratitude.

Staff Meeting Friday April 24, 2015 Gratitude Cards

Teachers were treated to a cold drink and candy. First days of STAAR have passed and a small feeling of relief spread over faces in the school. A video showing effects of gratitude

was shown with some laughs, some data, some tears and some smiles. Next, teachers

took colorful markers and wrote positive remarks next to each person's name tag attached

to cardstock. A few minutes at the end of meeting was a time for reflection to read what

others think of you. All the sentiments were hung with wooden clothespins along a twine

line for all to view.