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Mrs. Lehmann

Your kids have been busy this year.

Classroom Guidance with Mrs. Lehmann

All K-8 students have been working hard on their Too Good for Violence workbooks. This Too Good for Violence is filled with activities that augment school-based prevention in a fun and engaging way that allow students the opportunities to learn and practice prevention skills. Most interaction is done through songs and stories tailored to a child’s interests and developmental level. Students are educated on subject matter and the counselor models the skill to be learned. Students practice or act out the learned skill as a reinforcement.

The program builds skills and strengthens healthy development in eight key areas:

  • Goal setting

  • Communication

  • Decision making

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Managing Emotions

  • Drug Awareness

  • Bonding and Relationships

  • Community Involvement

School Wide Touching Safety Program

In January, I traveled to all K-8 classrooms to talk about personal safety. The Touching Safety Program is founded on the principles of appropriate relationship boundaries in the broader context of Christian values. All the lessons are age-appropriate, and helped our students develop the vocabulary and boundary distinctions necessary to empower them to begin to recognize inappropriate behavior by others, while practicing appropriate relationship boundaries in their own lives.

This was our first year introducing this type information to our school, as a whole. We had a great time learning about this serious subject in a fun interactive way together.

8th Grade students talk about their future.

Our 8th grade students are developing their freshman year schedules with the school counselors from Bishop Heelan High School. Many students verbalized excitement, while others were felt nervous. Junior mentors will be meeting with our 8th graders on February 18, 2016 to learn more about what to expect in high school.

Career Planning

Middle School Career Planning

Each 8th grade student have started working on their personalized guideways with Students will continue to explore careers, colleges and universities, write resumes, search for scholarships, take interest surveys, and create and update their four year plan of study, etc.

Students made an account they can access from home or school. Parents can create accounts as well. So far, they have created a Portfolio to a place to save research, collect information, and record accomplishments. They have also taken an Interest Inventory and Career Cluster Survey to help figure out what they are interested in; it often consists of a series of questions or choices.

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