OCPL Weekly Update

April 30, 2015


Preparation for Staff Day

Please go online and complete our pre-staff day survey--deadline is today:


(if you can't open this link, click at the top of the email to view this newsletter in browser- then click & follow link!)

Please let Julie W. know if you have any food restrictions for staff day (vegetarian, allergies, etc.)--please email her @ juliew@oldhampl.org

Lastly, please plan to bring a plain t-shirt (any color). We will be making superhero capes for our summer reading program this year!! And some people have asked about size--bring one that fits you--the cape is for you to wear :)

Outreach & Adult Programming

Thanks everyone who helped out at Kidtech this last Saturday! We had a great time.
Media Lab opened this week, and we've gotten lots of donations for our new vinyl collection. Please remember that we're still looking to hire someone for Saturday hours in the lab- email me if you have questions.

I'm putting together all the promotional materials for SRP- expect to see those soon! Please also remember that if you are looking for programming information, it's all on the printed monthly newsletters. I don't repost things from that here, so don't forget to read them!

Technical Services


Vicki Niehaus

IT Services

I can not say thank you enough to all of you. One for being so gracious during the webpage being down for a bit last week. Even Bethany didn't panic during that episode, thank you!

And also to the main staff for taking, being pretty much down two out of three copiers for several days this week, all in stride, you guys are great. But after a marathon phone session with a tech and reading both copiers service manuals (several times) and searching google to no avail, Lang sent out a senior service tech, that I have worked with before, and we where able to get it all going again. Fingers crossed, and knock on wood.

I also want to thank everyone who has helped me with my final project for school, it is due Tuesday, so I am almost done. I hope to finish the filming today (Wednesday) and get all the tweaking done this weekend, so I am done by Sunday. I just hope my teacher likes it. EEEK

PS This was found plugged in to a power strip by our adult side computers this morning it is a fire hazard, so as you walk around (any of the branches) shelving books please kind of keep a eye out as to what patrons are plugging into out outlets and especially what might be left over night, after all this is our home, right. :)

Trisha (the IT Dept)



Main Library

Some of you have been working on the reports I sent out earlier in the week. Thank you very much. I think with all of us working on them we should be able to clean up the collection and clear out the holds on the lost and missing items.

Julie W. had the idea to make courtesy calls to patrons scheduled to go to collections. I've been holding up the submissions until Wednesday noon to give them this chance. It has really paid off. We've saved about one patron a week from going to collections. I think that's pretty good considering we've previously had no response from them. Nice work Julie!

I had a great visit with Vicki and Graham today. Both libraries look great. Mahan had their doors open to let the spring breezes in. It was a beautiful day to be out driving around the county. Happy Derby!

South Oldham Library

It's been a fairly slow week here at South. The sinkhole was repaired in the back parking lot. Thank you Susan and Paul! We are thankful to have Square. I just ran the weekly cash register report and we took in over $78.00 in charges this week. I think this will allow us to collect a lot more in owed fees. Thanks, Bethany, for setup and training! The ILL courier did not stop last Friday and was extremely late Monday & Wednesday of this week. Apparently there has been some sort of shakeup at PBC. We're hoping they'll be back on track soon. That's all, folks! Happy Derby!


Mahan Library

Thanks to Trisha for setting our Samsung tablet so we can connect to circ. It's good to have another way to take patron pictures.

More info on the Mahan SRP kickoff: we will have a bouncy house! Thanks to Kazoing for giving us a significant discount on it. Two costumed characters will also be at the event. One is a maid-turned-princess, while the other is Gotham City's sworn protector. Should be fun.


Children's Services

This was the last week for Story Time, Toddler Time & Afterschool Adventures. As always, it is a little bittersweet to say goodbye to our kiddos. They grow so fast.

Summer Reading preparations and promotion is underway. I was at Crestwood Elementary all morning and spoke to all of their Kindergarten to 4th Graders. We had lots of fun and I got their kids all excited and sent them off to class. They already have the registration cards for SRP and will be getting their reading logs at school. However, I could see the odd person or two asking questions especially at South. So be aware.

I will be out of town until May 12th, but I will be back and ready to hit SRP running. If you have any questions, you can turn to Melinda! She will get your answers. :)


Teens & Main Circ

Thanks for everyone's patience this week with all of our copier drama. Special thanks to Trisha for getting it fixed!!!!

No programs for teens next week, but . . . Believe it or not, I will be having my first visit to the school's next week to promote Summer Reading! School is in session until June 12th this year, so you have a little extra time before the craziness starts :)