Digital Parent Newsletters

LIDS Training 3.24.2015

Options for Creating a Digital Newsletter

Smore (Freemium)

A digital flyer with a free (5 Smores) or paid ($39/yr for educators).

Click here for Making a New Flyer.

Click here for Getting Started help.

Click here for Email Your Smore Flyer.

Tackk (Free)

Tackk is a ridiculously simple content creation tool that makes creating a one-pager on the web easy as typing an email. Even easier? Sharing it across nine social networks when you're done.

Click here for Tackk's FAQ page.

Resources for Sharing Your Digital Newsletters

Remind (formerly Remind 101)

A powerful tool for texting parents without giving them your personal phone number. You can send texts, attachments, links, and audio messages. It's free.

Click here for the Apple App.

Click here for the Andriod App.

Click here for Remind's FAQs.

QR Codes

QR codes can be created for ANY URL (link). Parents or students can then scan the QR and be taken to the website we wish for them to visit.

Click here for some further resources for teachers using QR codes.

QR Extensions for Google Chrome

Chrome extensions allow users to create QR codes in one or two clicks.

Here is the complete list of QR extensions for Chrome.

My preferred QR extensions are:

Shorten Me

QR Anything and URL Shortener

Websites for Creating QR Codes

There are many websites for creating QR codes. These will require you to capture the web address and paste it into the website and then generate a QR code that can be downloaded.

My preferred site is:

The downloaded image and then be put in a doc (Google or Word) and then printed. Consider using them for homework help on an assignment; directions to field trips; links to parenting videos; your class webpage; transition services resources; ETC, ETC, ETC

How Does a Person Scan a QR code?

A QR Reader

In order for a QR to work, a person must have a QR reader. QR readers work from any internet connect device that has a camera (smartphones, iPads, iPods, Android tablets, and even laptops or Chromebooks).

My preferred QR reader is i-nigma. It is very user friendly and will track the websites visited.

Click here for the Apple App for i-nigma.

Click here for the Android App for i-nigma.

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