Instructional Coaching

Co-Planning, Co-Teaching, Co-Debriefing

3-Part Lesson Plan - Constructivist Learning

The careful implementation of a minds on/working on it/consolidation format of lessons with an emphasis on creating multi-entry problems which give your students an opportunity to construct or discover key mathematical strategies and big ideas.

Setting The Conditions - Accountable Talk

Creating a classroom community for learning where students are responsible and accountable for listening/learning/teaching peers, accountable talk moves are key to ensure that all learners are respectful in discovering, challenging and risk taking to promote learning in the classroom.

Content Expert - (Strand/Big Idea/Process)

Identifying a strand, big idea or math process that the teacher is not fully comfortable with and delving deeply into investigating multiple approaches to facilitating learning in that area of math instruction (e.g., teaching multiplication using student’s inventive strategies).

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