Read Lord of The Flies

Why might you want to buy/read this book?

Well first off if you like a book where kids/teens have to live on an island by themselves then that's a good book for you. This book also contains action that you can literally picture in your head because of how the author uses his words to convey a picture. Although it might be a little weird, you know every one has some weirdness in them. If your not convinced already about reading this book then checkout this website.

why should you even consider it ?

Well first off if the summary on the back of the book doesn't already make you want to read it then that's fine. Because, once you read the first page you will be aware of why you see all your friends reading this book. However, it does have some disturbing images that you may visualize in your head. Take a minute and think about how you and a handful of teenagers would survive on an island all by yourselves with no food, water, or shelter. What lengths might you resort to just to survive.
so in conclusion (you should read this book) if you have read through all of this then you obviously should read the book